Intel will use another chip manufacturer for some of its products (updated)

updating: WordPress - - comment of google The rumors at the center of this article declare that the company's solution to the shortage of certain chips will be an additional financial investment to increase its own production capabilities, but nevertheless does not rule out (and does not relate) Or any other third party company. In other words, it appears that this possibility exists - even if it is relatively limited.

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A new report says that the company, which until recently was considered the largest chip maker in the world, will use TSMC services for some of its products, its

Another unexpected challenge you encounter Due to the large delay in the launch of the mass production process in 10, the nanometer is a difficulty in responding to the total demand created by the process. Which has in fact become its one and only in most product families in the last four years.

Site known Digitimes Declare The demand for 50 is higher than the supply it is capable of Provide its production processes at (Trouble of the rich?) - and a possible partial solution to the problem in the form of surprising cooperation with the big Taiwan chip maker , Which will help Intel create some of its basic products in the framework of the service it offers to other companies in the market that do not have the necessary technologies and infrastructures for their own production.

The best chip manufacturing companies?

According to the current information, TSMC will be responsible for the production of basic chipsets such as the H310, which is available today on budget motherboards and many pre-assembled computers, as well as the production of various budget household processors - where naturally the responsibility for producing the most expensive, .

First these will be the most basic products of But it is difficult to know where the trend will develop on the assumption that this project will prove itself

It would be interesting to see whether And whether it is a limited and temporary choice or at the beginning of a larger and more meaningful collaboration for the future - and it will also be interesting to find out what will be the production process corresponding to the 14 nanometer of In its competitor, which actually offers processes defined as 16 nanometers, 12 nanometers and 10 nanometers but not something that directly limits the source.