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We visited AMD's booth at CES 2017, and returned with renewed hope

The Sunvale company brought with it all its key technological promises, and also provided us with proof of practical capability

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AMD was able to generate significant interest in this year's CES show, despite not actually announcing all the products we hoped to get from it. Her official booth at the show illustrated to us that the company is very interested in returning to the center of the stage, with quite a few new products, fresh technologies - and teasers for the near future designed to leave us with a taste for more, of course.


Great Pride - Advanced Motherboards

Like its partners, too She has showcased some of the new AM4 brackets that have been announced and unveiled as part of the exhibition, all with interesting specifications that finally feel like the modern era - and all with a graceful sticker with the logo of Where the new generation of processors should sit. Come on - come on already!


Is becoming increasingly popular among computer designers

Alongside the motherboards, we've also seen advanced gaming systems from a number of manufacturers on the shelf - which may not sound like an unprecedented one, but it's worth noting that until recently the developer was having a hard time finding partnering for its processing products (those based on bulldozer architecture and its derivatives), and so This positive change and renewed interest is definitely a big deal for her and for us, the consumers.


Saving electricity and enjoying proper gaming

AMD also presented its stand- Its new Chill, which offers the potential for significant power savings and much cooler processing of the system components, by setting a custom threshold for the different gaming runs - the software and hardware system ensures that the selected performance is kept stable at all times and at the same time, ensuring that the graphics card Consume only the energy it needs, with a minimum of unnecessary waste. Very nice - especially if you are also the ones who pay the electricity company bill eventually.



Doom at a murderous pace

For dessert, we've seen the company with its most impressive gaming display goal so far - running the Doom 2016 model at its highest quality, at resolution Maximum frame rate that never fell below 60 per second, all based on a new and sophisticated Ryzen processor and a new and mysterious video card based on the X-. Lust for the eyes - and a great promise for the future.

So who are you in this endless race of the hardware world - Intel and Kaby Lake or AMD and Ryzen? The GeForce of Or Of the red developer? This is the time to tell us what you think.


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    1. The hope is that Summit Ridge will be out sometime in the March ~ April area, for mobile and server processors, there's more time.

  1. There is a chance that Intel will get a rabbit out of the hat - because I really need a new computer and don't want to wait - I realized that Gaming Intel is still better than the new amd.

    1. Understanding misunderstanding You need a processor that will hold you a powerful graphics processor and more than enough hold two Vega cards, so wait for Reisen and Luge to arrive much faster than a priceless Intel or Noydia rabbit

  2. You yourself said come on already !!! Obviously, amd buying Intel and Noydia today is like picking Bibi a fourth time

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