Network Deals: More dynamic memories and SSD drives below the VAT exemption threshold (updated)

Amazon and Newegg give us more prices Which are very difficult to refuse

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Dear hardware enthusiasts NOTE: Processors, storage drives and memories We expect you in online stores at very low prices - and we are here to help you choose.

Two modules with a total volume of 16GB (8GB per volume) from the renowned G.Skill company And with a base speed of 2,400MHz are now sold for NIS 300.58 including shipping to Israel - below the VAT exemption threshold that significantly reduces the cost compared to the ones you find in stores in Israel.

Note that these memories were specifically adapted for operation with the Ryzen processors But will also be compatible with Intel-based platforms

Laptop and mini-notebook owners also have an opportunity - 16GB module from G.Skill at the base of 2,133MHz Is also sold at a final cost of ILS 311.96 including shipping to Israel, in a way that makes it very worthwhile even if you choose to purchase two units of this type in a separate transaction for each.

Kingston A400 SSD drive, traditional 2.5 and 480GB, Returns to its lowest price level - 57.37 USD includes shipping to the house, ie, only NIS 210.

The HP XMUMGB EX900 is the XMUMGB Also available below the VAT threshold - 296.58 shekels per. Not bad at all for a TLC-based drive capable of delivering transfer speeds of up to 2,100MBps.

Dislike the USB drives The Moslems? Now you can also choose an impressive TLC drive

Micron's best-selling Crucial MX500 drives also have a small price cut - the volume of 500GB will be at the final price of 70.63 (NIS) The 2.5-inch version And $ 73.31 ($ 265) To the reduced M.2 model, While terabyte volume is sold at 145 dollars In 2.5-inch version And $ 144.24 ($ 520) In M.2 version.

is also SanDisk Extreme SSD 250GB Extreme SSD Drive Available at an interesting price of 72.65 USD including shipping to Israel - approximately NIS 265.

Are not you enough? Processor Threadripper 1920X 12 processing cores של Dropped to its lowest price ever - 369.88 dollars including VAT and home delivery, which are 1,325 shekels and cost better than most 8 models. .

Additional AMD processors get surprising cut-off prices: The Ryzen 5 2600X hexagon The quickest the developer has to offer is sold for 222.97 dollars, including a Wraith Spire cooling system, while The Ryzen 5 1600 hexagon The older one is now available at 152.87 Dollars (NIS 550) including a body . Shopping is pleasant!