Welcome to the "HWzone" processor era
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Welcome to the era of "pasted" processors

Not long after she ridiculed the technology of , Announces New Terrible Core 48 Processor - Consisting of Two Separate Chips Connected Together

Intel performs a variety of unexpected moves during this competitive period in the world of processors, and after using its graphics core , Giving up its bi-annual update cycles and dismantling its chip manufacturing division into three entities - comes a contributor to the formidable MCM configuration processors, with two different chips in one bracket.

We expected that Intel's new Cascade Lake generation for the HEDT and server and data center markets would not offer major revolutions, because it is still based on a well-known 14 nm manufacturing process and the largest XCC chips Intel produces under this lithography, With 28 physical cores and 56 logical cores overall - but a company that has resisted using non-monolithic processors (i.e., single-chip-based with all its components, created on the same silicone wiper) has a plan to attack the second EPYC generation of With new Cascade Lake-AP products, with up to 48 physical processing cores and probably 96 logical cores thanks to the integration of two different chipsets in the Multi-Chip Package configuration.

The new generation of The world of servers is going to be much more diverse and intriguing

The Cascade-AP (Advanced Performance Acronym) family will be offered alongside the Cascade-SP (Scalable Processor acronym) that will continue to be based on single XCC or HCC cores, so this is not a change to the existing supply but an addition to it, for those who need quantity Particularly large cores operate in parallel - such as in computational learning applications in them Ensures that up to 17 is optimized for the number of images in the learning process compared to the processors Platinum of the current generation thanks to the support of the dedicated VNNI Command Set (Vector Neural Network Instructions).

Up to 96 processing cores based on a pair of brackets on the board - instead of four brackets required for the current generation

Cascade-AP processors will be connected internally using relatively standard UPI links, without the use of the new EMIB technology Kaby Lake-G, which is expected to deliver high bandwidths in communication between different chips on the same silicon substrate. Plans to offer support for connecting up to two such 48 processors on a single motherboard to receive 96 processing cores in a machine (or server), and with support of no less than 12 memory channels Dynamic. Not to be missed. Other technical details have not yet been revealed, though it is reasonable to assume that we will be able to see Cascade-AP products even with 56 processing cores in total - based on a pair of fully active XCC chips.

This is not the first time we have seen the use of MCM and MCP in the processor world - but it is still a significant surprise, given claims like the ones in the slide below that she made Since the introduction of the The first of her great rival

Cascade-SP processors and Cascade-AP processors will become available for official purchase during the first three months of 2019, a little after the expected release of the updated generation to the home market. -X, או Basin Falls Refresh, ואלה אמורים להיות דור לפני אחרון בעידן ה-14 ננומטר כאשר יש כבר תוכניות ברורות להשקת מעבדי In the second generation At 10 nm at the beginning of 2020.

Will the Cooper Lake generation provide us with server processors with 56 cores? Is it possible also to see the use of four single panel brackets for the new mega-models? Many questions have not yet been answered

There is still quite a bit of uncertainty about Intel's plans for the coming year, but one thing is for sure now - the expected fight And the newly discovered 64 server core chips will be fascinating.


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  1. Why not?
    From the beginning of this retarded enthusiasm I said to myself "And now let's imagine Intel with a glued processor" ....
    If this is what people are passionate about …… .. then let them. (After all, these monsters are not cost-effective ... but what about the "paw". Want a beast? Take a beast).
    It will also erase a smile for those who live in denial.

  2. Affected processors are the future (at least in the near future) and their criticism is incomprehensible, the irony is a little funny at first it was the amd who laughed at the Pentium D processors.
    Nothing to do with a glued processor may be less efficient, but the difficulty of producing chips that can accommodate multiple cores is great and so is the price.

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