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Whiskey instead of coffee: Meet the new processors from Intel

The E-Families and the- Is already here officially, in order to give a boost to the compact and prestigious laptops

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A busy year goes by In the world of mobile chips -Who have managed to offer us four cores instead of the two that have accompanied us for nearly a decade without adversely affecting power consumption, -G with advanced graphics cores and then with Which surprised even more with six processing cores in a tiny consumption envelope.

Now comes another interesting double launch - with למע for cost-effective mobile processors and-Y for ultra-efficient processors returning to center stage after a long break.

The Whiskey Lake-U family will consist of three models: i7-8565U and i5-8265U that includes four physical cores and the same number of logical cores in the 15 watts power envelope by default, just like Kaby Lake-R, which quickly became the PC maker's, i3-8145U with a pair of physical cores and four logical cores that compensate for the increased basic working frequency.

Mobile with my life Longer than ever before on their way to the shops?

All three processors will offer a UHD Graphics 620 graphics core and support for dual-channel dynamic memories 2,400MHz or LPDDR3 are more efficient than the 2,133MHz speed, but what makes them truly unique and enhanced is the accompanying companion kit, which will include built-in support for a pair of double-speed 3.1 connections and a base for fast wireless Wi-Fi (when all the PC manufacturers need to do Is to incorporate a broadcasting module to activate the capability). There is also a new built-in audio processing engine, which is adapted to the wide integration of smart digital assistants such as Amazon's On computers.

The new mobile chipset adopts the upgrades we've seen in the fixed--S

There are three models in the Amber Lake-Y family at this time, i7-8500Y At the top edge, i5-8200Y in a good place in the middle and also m3-8100Y as a basic starting point - all dual-core with HyperThreading technology, 3MB L4 cache, 5 Watt core processor, UHD Graphics 620 graphics cores, and support for LPDDR3 memories only soldered at 1,866MHz base speed. We did not get a full breakdown of the chipset for these cost-effective models, but they also seem to have built- 3.1 and connectivity Fast wireless.

The maximum turbo frequencies are especially impressive, and we want to believe that this will also be reflected in actual levels of performance

All new models belong to the contemporary 8000 family of , With processing kbytes in the Kaby Lake Refresh architecture that we already know, and built-in ninth-generation graphical coreboards, all of which are produced based on the 14nm ++ process. This is a small step for Whiskey Lake models that remain particularly corpulent for increased work frequencies, and a more significant step for Amber Lake, which is a progression from the Kaby Lake core and the 14nm + production process. This is a blessed line of alignment Which will make it easier for consumers to get the full potential and value of their next system - and perhaps even the last step before jumping into 10 nanometers? We'll keep our fingers on it.

Attack of new computers with firefox and- Planned for the year-end shopping period

A variety of computer models New of the best manufacturers in the field to include the new models are expected to be exhibited at the exhibition The largest this week, with Intel even promising us that some will boast a thin profile of 7 millimeters only and weights less than 500 grams - so expect more information and updates in the near future.

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