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Will Intel launch only a pair of stationary processors in its new Broadwell generation?

Rumors have been circulating that the " The chip giant may include only two models with an LGA chassis for desktop computers. Wrong assessments or change in perception? Maybe it's a little of both

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The generation of the first 14 nanometer chips from Intel is already here with us, and also Showing capabilities and characteristics are not bad at all. But for performance enthusiasts, the main course is still on the way - the quad-core processors on a variety of models, And desktop processors in particular.

New reporting Gives us full technical details for two processors Desktops that are based on the LGA1150 (which is not one-time soldered to the motherboard) - but also claims that these may be the only two LGA processors seen in this generation.

The pair of models in question, the Core i7 5775C and the Core i5 5675C, offer a number of changes compared to most models we have seen in previous generations of - Both have a multiplication open for execution Simpler and more optimal, both offer the most powerful built-in graphics core that Chipsilla currently has to offer (the Iris Pro 6200), both with four physical cores (one with HyperThreading and the other without), and both are characterized by a relatively modest power envelope 65 watts.

In addition to the two LGA models in question, three R-based BGA-based R models are now also exposed - with impressive data
In addition to the two LGA models in question, three soldered BGA-based R models are now also unveiled - also with fairly impressive data. Source: vr-zone.com

Both models are seen as a refreshing breeze in the chip maker's desktop product line, but will they really be the only two in the LGwell-based LGA, apparently to To make room for the Skylake generation that is supposed to be launched later this year? hard to believe.

Meanwhile it seems that Stands by what she declared earlier this year - but likely along the way we will see quite a few other desktop models from Broadwell

It is quite possible that in the initial launching class for the E- From the core quadrant (supposedly at the Compotex show this June) there will be a limited number of desktop models - but later, whether Will arrive on time or be delayed, it is very likely that we will see more and more models landing in stores as time goes on. After all, this is the fundamental fact of the chip world - not all products are of the same quality, some of them less quality and some are flawed - and the division into a variety of models with different capabilities and features allows any manufacturer in the semiconductor world to realize its revenue and profit potential.

Will work for a while longer until we can get a formal answer to this interesting wonder, and during this time we will focus on the positive side of the new information we receive here - lower power consumption, more powerful graphical cores than ever, and especially open-ended, self-respecting hardware enthusiasts.

Launch in about two months?
Launch in about two months?

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