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Will Mantle boost performance at Battelfield 4?

Apparently this month we will have a good time to see Mantle At Battlefield 4

AMD Claims that at Battlefield 4, Mantle Will result in a jump of up to 45% in performance compared to DirectX. It is reasonable to assume that these high percentages are seen in theAPU (Integrated processing units) rather than video cards, which are expected to improve much more moderately.
For those who have not been in the loop lately, Mantle Is an ambitious attempt of AMDCompete inDirectX and-OpenGL. For now the games known to be used in this code interface are Battlefield 4, Star Citizen, Thief and-Sniper Elite 3.

according to AMD Also renders as A10-7850K Having 512 processing units will be able to run BATLEFILD 4 at a resolution of Full-HD. Additionally,AMD Claims that R9 280X Will perform similarly to those of GTX 780 Ti Which is more expensive than double. Of course, we have to take their words in a limited way until we see results on the ground.

As we see in Battlefield 4 is used as a weapon in my hand AMD, Which demonstrates the interface of the code developed on one of the most popular games and thus markets and sells Mantle For all game developers.
As we already know update Mantle At Battlefield 4 was supposed to leave last year but EA Decided first of all to solve all the problems in the game (everything will not be realistic, of course, the majority of critical bugs). This update is likely to be released this month but we will not be surprised if it is declined until the beginning of next month.


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  1. To ornation Flower from Facebook
    Besides living in the movie Read Again, the major improvement is to the APU (integrated processing units), not really affecting the external cards.

  2. Comment on the Cornation Flower
    Please tell me, what is the connection at all between what is written in the article and what is being spoken about it, to the comment you wrote, can you explain and explain?

    Because for some reason, your response to me seems like a collection of smart words, just mixed up like some unknown salad, to show smart.

    Once again, if I'm wrong, and I don't mind getting out dumb, then explain your reaction a little better to understand what you meant by your response, because for now, that's not the case.

  3. AMD cheated so many things, no more faith in them!
    Liars and regrets do not change!
    CF - a huge lie!
    Up to 1000mhz huge regrets!
    Up to 45% burden - yes, sure!
    280X that works like 780Ti ……
    Come on, fly a bunch of liars rogue.

  4. In any case, we are generous
    Finally, Microsoft will not be able to dictate a dependency between an operating system and DX

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