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Will your next laptop be Huawei?

MateBook E

In addition to establishing its status as one of the three most successful mobile phone manufacturers, the Chinese company is launching another intriguing attempt to break its way into the heart of the PC market

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Differences between smart devices To personal computers is getting smaller and smaller, and the good illustration of this is probably the fact that more and more manufacturers choose to try their luck in both of these areas at the same time.

Last year it was the successful Chinese Huawei who decided to jump into the deep waters of 10 with Her MateBook, which received a healthy amount of unapologetic reviews from critics but did not break the minds of those who probably still remember days when its devices were considered more than cheap imitations by older manufacturers - and now we get three new PCs of its own, which certainly deserve From your attention.


MateBook E - replay

Huawei's second-generation tablet continues to feel first of all like an exercise demonstrating miniaturization capabilities with a thickness of less than 7 millimeters and a weight of about 640 caused by Surface Pro and any tablet Another market, more or less, blush with shame. Is it both effective and convenient? This is a different question.

The new model adopts the ultra-efficient Y processors, of course, the Kaby Lake section, m3-7Y30 double core as base and model The i5-7Y54 dual (don't let that confuse you - it's still a model with an 4.5 watt casing only) in more expensive versions, combined with 3 gigabytes or 4 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes and NVMe support volume. 2's between 128 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes. There is no doubt that this is a minimal machine in its capabilities designed to perform only basic operations - but the style and mobility that are not comparable, as mentioned, as if it is a tablet .

This is not the same model we presented to you last year, despite the look that may be misleading

The 12-inch IPS unit and 2,160 × 1,440 pixel resolution, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and dual-channel Wi-Fi and 802.11ac dual-channel connectivity support, the dual speakers support Dolby Premium Audio, the front camera is XN-X resolution Pixel, there is a built-in fingerprint scanner and the battery is at a slightly increased capacity of 5 watt-hour, with a promise of nine hours of playback - and probably five or six hours of more strenuous and varied work, based on the (weaker) capabilities of the previous generation. Another relative sacrifice needed to get the ultra-compact dimensions.

The package of accessories that comes with it is commendable, but the price is still quite high compared to the basic processing capabilities inside

The MateBook E will carry significant price tags ranging from 1,000 Euro to base model with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage, 1,300 Euro for model with Core i5 processor, 8 RAM Gigabyte and 256 gigabytes of storage and 1,500 EUR per model with 512 GB of internal. Not cheap at all, but also indicates the different approach of Huawei compared to Microsoft, when Should come by default with the Folio foldable keyboard (which also includes the built-in stand that allows for different biases) with the MatePen touch pen that includes a laser marker and with the external MateDock 2 extension that will add a pair of connections 3.0, HDMI connection and VGA connection to the relatively sparse array found on the tablet itself - as opposed to pricing separately for the tablet and all its plugins with the The latest pro.

He has a chance to steal some of the market- Pro generations?

The MateBook E is a distinctly niche device, but its new incarnation does not deny it and pretends to be the best in this niche, even if many consumers will not be clear what it was created for.


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