Windows 10 S: No faster, non-secure HWzone security breaches
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Windows 10 S: Not faster, not vulnerable to security breaches

New and closed operating system Began with the launch of the Laptop, but has trouble validating its existence for the time being

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Microsoft announced a new operating system called Microsoft 10 S, designed to give you a taste of how the workspace is recognized as a closed garden where there is only one controlled way to add applications - through the company's official built-in store.

At the launch, we've heard about a couple of key advantages of the new system across The standard and familiar 10, which offers far less restrictions for the consumer - speed and safety, claiming to be a more modern environment Controlling much better will allow computers to realize their potential, and also be protected "from all known damage". Not bad, for a system that should also be slightly cheaper than the full 10 windows.

Now it's time for the flagship product launch for the system, the prestigious Surface Laptop - and in the meantime, the giant's promises and statements don't seem to be exactly what we thought: 10 S is not necessarily faster than Windows 10, nor is it really immune to its security aspect.

10 S is faster - just in case you install a lot of "nonsense" in your operating system

After several reviews indicated that no speed of action was observed and improved response at 10 S compared to 10 Pro (which can be "upgraded" to the one-time 50 dollar Surface Laptop), it turned out to be the practical intent of Was that the closed system could be faster in the long run because of the different way application installations are made from the App Store Compared to standard operating system installations.

Good for the education field, which includes access to a large number of users without too much experience - and what about the rest?

The argument is that after a while and a large number of software and applications are installed, a large number of active processes can be created that will be stolen from the available RAM in the system and a large amount of unnecessary information stored on the storage drives that will cause a slowdown in operation - which should be avoided by 10 S thanks to the increased control. This may be true for some consumers, but apparently those who are experienced will know that their system will work "like new" in every situation, making the original announcement of Was inaccurate, perhaps even misleading.

A significant part of Microsoft 's publications for 10 S continue to mention performance as an advantage against other versions

If this is not enough, ZDnet has decided to test Microsoft's claim to Microsoft's immunity In fact, 10 S has gone to the aid of an information security chief executive - who has shown in just three hours that the improved operating system protection, which comes from the lack of the ability to run various predefined scripts and applications such as PowerShell, is imperfect.

You can not run various exe files, but do not let that make you complacent

Using the programmed macros of the Word application, in its standard version downloaded and run from the "allowed" application store, gave access to all critical areas of the system, with the ability to run pre-prepared malicious codes, and although Microsoft violated the results and claimed that they did not contradict the statement No "known today" damage to work on 10 S - It's pretty clear that it's only a matter of time before we see real malicious attempts to use the system, perhaps just to be the first to succeed and "win" , And perhaps on the assumption that this is an easy and convenient target, when users of this version may be less aware and complacent about the various security risks that are available to them on the network.

The macros have dropped the defenses of the new system, which under the surface includes exactly the same capabilities and properties as The standard 10
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Bottom line, it seems that the outstanding advantages of 10 S exists only under very specific conditions, and it is not certain that they justify the compromises that consumers need to make in order to enjoy them - such as the ability to choose the browser to use, for example.

To- 10 S is likely to survive in the market, it seems, but mainly as a system for educational and educational institutions and other places where widespread public use is expected - but for now, there seems to be too many justifiable reasons to market it to average home end consumers, as a viable alternative to the real thing, especially when the difference Between the two options is about 50 dollars "only", and no more.

Based solely on the App Store Comes with a number of disadvantages that may be very significant depending on your consumer preferences

Agree with us, or think that there is actually a very good opportunity to extend the relevance of the operating system? This is the time to express your opinion.


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  1. Those poor people who already bought Microsoft's expensive laptop and over time discover all the bad sides of the "enhanced" product they bought instead of the good ones (which probably don't exist)

    1. Was expected, and again AMD are likely to be left behind, the truth is a pity for me.
      In my opinion with AMD will continue their path, ensuring and not abiding!
      Leave the video card market for gaming and appeal to other niches ... really, really sad.
      Thanks for the update .

  2. Here are the reasons why this will fail.
    When everything is based on the Windows Store, there are so many bugs in the store:
    1. User-owned apps are not arranged in any clear library.
    2. If there is a PIN code, it can crash the entire store at the moment of payment.
    3. Once Redeem does the code, and then want to buy something with the added money, the previous window opens instead of the app's payment window.
    4. You can't back up an app folder before formatting. And even then - the folder will be locked after you format the computer.
    5. Do you have a great app? Released? You will not be able to update if your disk space is smaller than the size of the software itself (not the update).
    And it's just on the tip of the tongue ...
    Where is the QA in the picture?

  3. In my humble opinion, the company has about twenty middle-level programmers and the rest of the sales and marketing professionals.
    Just amazing the amount of nonsense they do.

  4. Trendy article as usual
    Their claims are true (don't know how you came to tell me not)
    95 Percentage of people are not Poweruser and cannot handle and maintain their computer
    The amount of junk that accumulates in the registry (services and features that come up in the background) and 2 antivirus at the same time sometimes…
    Causes slow problems and of course battery drain

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