The new Thunderbolt external chassis - this time with an AMD video card

He may not have been branded under the name Aourus, The new Box looks like an important addition to the existing offerings in the category today

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While the network sounds a lot of criticism towards me And its partnership program that prevents manufacturers from using the same branding for GeForce products and products Of the competitor, it seems that most of the suppliers of graphic cards in the market prefer to broadcast business as usual without public intervention in the matter - and so we receive a product such as - New Box Of , Which seems to be affected by the limitations in question without admitting or mentioning it unequivocally.

Gigabyte has adopted a revolutionary direction in the world of external Thunderbolt 3 video cards with its Aorus Box family, offering pre-installed NVIDIA products in a compact package as much as possible, even at a competitive price for many other alternatives in the industry where the external chassis is required to be purchased separately and The graphics card is separate. Now this concept extends to the red side of the market, with a familiar design case that contains the popular Radeon RX 580 and is called simply RX 580 Gaming Box.

Do not leave From behind, to our delight

A black metal box (with built-in color illumination, of course) with a total volume of just over 3-liter includes a power supply of 450W power and a sample card RX 580 with 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory and 1,257MHz to 1,355MHz operating frequency, which should deliver performance similar to that of the Aorus Box with the GeForce GTX 1060 - a reasonable intermediate point that has already proven to be the most effective in connection with the owner A relatively limited bandwidth of the 3. The chassis can be connected to any supporting computer with a connector 3, for additional significant graphics processing capability and support for up to four screens at the same time.

The product is due to arrive in stores during the coming month, but the price has not yet been revealed - let's tell you how much you would be prepared to invest in it, if at all

We still do not know what the price of the RX 580 will be Box, which is probably the most interesting question right now, in a market where most graphics cards are priced well above their recommended value due to the frequent and sharp spikes in demand. Perhaps there will be a positive surprise that will make purchasing a graphics card in an external package even more rewarding than purchasing a separate graphics card? We'll see.

More powerful cards may encounter a bottleneck Modern - so that the choice of RX 580 at the expense of the models - It makes sense