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Without Rip Your Pocket: A Guide To Buying A Laptop For Graphic Editing

Plan a purchase of For graphical editing? You've come to the right place. In this guide we will arrange you and guide you to the perfect laptop

Purchase of Is not a simple process, let alone a computer designed for graphic editing. Most of these computers are not cheap and do not necessarily include a successful combination of appropriate hardware.

This guide will review the important points in Kenya of this type, so that you know what to focus on when buying. We strongly recommend you go over The general guide of buying a computer Before reading this manual, as it details in depth the differences in existing hardware.


Smart choice = Correct hardware

Computers For 2D, 3D and video editing are not cheap because they need to include strong hardware that will not slow down the relevant software significantly. Due to this fact, they heat up quite a bit and the battery holds on average less time than computers Standard. The requirements for computers designed for 3D graphics and video are higher than for 2D editing, but it depends on the size of projects to be executed.

The first thing to pay attention to is the processor. The ideal processor suitable for graphic editing is the latest i7 core quad core , With its name ending in the MQ or HQ. Any other processor (U or M) will be weak by tens of percent because it is double , So take this into account.

The second thing to pay attention to is quantity The Ram. He can be your best friend, but at the same time the most cruel enemy. Not enough amount of Ram will significantly slow graphics performance - even if your computer has super-strong hardware. Quantity Of 8 GB will suffice in most cases, with 16 GB or higher being the recommended amount. Excessive of You will not give any extra performance to your computer, so there is no need to overdo it.

The graphics card also affects software performance. It is usually recommended to take a laptop with Anoydia video card because of the support and acceleration it provides for most graphics software. Please note that there are computers Which include a video card that is not stronger than the graphics core built into the processor and will not really provide extra So be careful not to fall into the trap because it is a net marketing trick.

There are 2 series of For the home user market - gaming series (Jeifers or Redown) and professional series (Quadro and Pirgial). The professional series are just as good for calculations and some graphics software take advantage of that, and work better than cards with gaming series. Computers The "sane" budget usually includes only gaming or old or weak professional cards, and a small portion of the high-priced computers that are sold include more powerful professional cards, but most of them still do not compare to the power of a home desktop computer and do not pay for buying.

The hard drive determines the speed of software and project opening, as well as file loading and retention times. Most laptops have a standard hard drive that rotates at 5400 RPM. Some computers have a slightly faster hard drive - 7200 RPM and some computers come with a drive Which is recommended and fastest. You can replace the standard drive with the drive Or even add some models.

Its screen type and resolution is another thing to pay attention to. Matte, panel-based screen And with 1080p resolution is the most recommended. Displays with lower resolutions will provide a very limited workspace, but on the other hand too high resolutions will impair the current use of the software, as the controls will be very small.

The hard question - Mac or PC?

Well, it's not really hard - . If you asked this question about two decades ago, the answer would probably have been different. Today, the range of Macs includes the same hardware just like computers Standard, only wrapped in a more sparkly package and at a higher price - this also applies to laptops.

The reason that many still recommend Mac laptops is that there is a claim that they are provided with special graphics tools, with a very high quality screen. This claim is correct, but not as it was many years ago. Today there are very high-quality mobile PCs with a screen based on a high-quality panel that does not fall off the screen .


Those who have already gotten used to working with Mac laptops will find it hard to switch to a computer And rightly so, the choice on the Mac computer should not be neglected. One of the most important things is the convenience of working with the operating system, since time = money, so even if it pays to buy a computer from the other "side", it will not always be convenient to work with.

Hole (deep) in the pocket

Computers Which include hardware suitable for graphic editing are not cheap. For a base computer - for sketches and models only - it will cost about NIS 3,000, when a professional computer will cost close to 10,000 shekels.

Please note that computers Are much more expensive than desktop computers when the cost of a computer is often twice that of a desktop computer with hardware of similar performance. So, if your budget is adequate, you may want to split it for For easy edits, and for a powerful desktop where most of their work will be done.

If you do not have a desktop computer and plan to use your laptop only - you can take a cheaper one with low resolution, and purchase a dedicated large screen and connect to it. While this will be a financial addition of a few hundred shekels at worst, you will get much better work comfort.

Computers Recommended

If you need Which on the one hand will provide Good, but on the other hand will not impoverish you - there are several models that stand in the vicinity of five thousand shekels. These computers are not perfect, but include a good combination of hardware that will give you sufficient power for reasonable graphics editing.

Notice that each model of , There are several sub-models. Each sub-model boasts a slightly different specification so it's a good idea to review the specification to make sure you get the hardware combination you need.

Below is a list of several models, all of which include a quad-core processor, or about 8 gigabytes or more RAM, a video card reinforced by And high resolution work area provides:

  • N550JK, N550JV and N551JK Corporation .
  • IdeaPad Y510P, Y50-70 and Z510 Corporation .
  • P70 Satellite and P50 Corporation .

soundASUS 550JK - Great without breaking the savings box

Cheaper computers typically have simpler hardware that is tens of percent less powerful, so it is recommended to take them only if they are relatively light. For those of you who require more powerful computers, you can test gaming machines such as MSI GS60 whose cost is close to ten thousand shekels. They will Better, but not significantly - certainly not one that is worth the financial difference.

Finally, it is recommended to check the warranty period for computers, with the recommendation to take computers with a warranty period of three years or more or computers that can extend the warranty period until that time.

We hope this guide has slightly focused your search on the right laptop for you. For more personalized help, please visit Forum laptops And our professional forum members will help you.

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