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Without wasting time: a new generation of Ryzen processors will arrive within three months

Documentation of updated roadmap of Confirms the intention to launch the next generation 2000 has been in the first quarter of 2018, allegedly

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We have already realized that the second generation of Ryzen desktop processors will not be a huge technological leap, but rather the improvement of the solid foundation that exists as an intermediate stage towards another new generation that will come with the Zen 2 cores. Now we also have a better idea of ​​exactly what we are waiting for, with the leaking of documentation for the commercial road map of For the first half of the year 2018, which marks the launch of new generation desktop models around the corner.

Based on the data presented at an interest conference held by the chip developer, Ryzen 2000 processors with cores (Or Zen + with relatively moderate improvements) will come in the middle of the first quarter of 2018, ie around February or March, with a gradual launch parade that will last until April or May 2018.

Secrets Of Exposed to all eyes

We do not have any other real details about the new processors, except that they will certainly be based on the same AM4 residency from their predecessors - but it should be noted that the photo also reveals launches of Ryzen Pro processors to the corporate world from the beginning of 2018 - and the launch of Ryzen Mobile 3 models Discounted (a pair of physical cores and 8?) Early next month, combined with launch models Mobile 5 and Mobile 7 dedicated to gaming in the second quarter of the year.

An earlier and more general roadmap that we received from To some extent validate the new details - though we really hope we won't have to wait until 2019 there With the cores, 2

Does that mean we'll see The cores are cores on the mobile market, or just the core of the The built-in 11 is reinforced with the same quadratic arrays we've seen in the 5 2500U and 7 2700U? We will continue to follow up and provide you with more juicy details as soon as possible.

Are the processors' 2000 will be based on the new and improved production process of 12 nanometer? Some sources are convinced that the answer is positive, while others are a little less

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