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No wires and no compromises: Intel's vision for Skylake

Generation of CPUs The sixth is on its way to the market, and it promises to give you the ability to operate your laptop without any wire or cable, ever

Intel has made a great effort to put the Processors of the fifth Broadwell generation At the center of things at the 2015 Computex exhibition, but it was hard to ignore Of all the statements we have heard (Including Intel itself) that this generation There will be a short transition generation, And the main dose is still ahead.

The main course is of course Skylake, The second chip giant 14 generation of nanosecond processors Whose representatives will arrive at the shops this year. This generation should bring with it a number of interesting lines, which were enough to make it the most intriguing product in the region , Despite the effort to hide it.


Above Computex, two Skylake-based reference models were presented - one answering Panther Mountain and being a hybrid of only 8 millimeters thick (with Passive, of course) and with a resolution screen , While the other is called a Starbook and is an all-in-one computer with a resolution And an 11 millimeter thick, light and thin enough to carry you almost anywhere.

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The Panther Mountain model - Android / iPad tablet thinness is not necessarily the most important feature for us on laptops, but it is quite clear that the technological feasibility of this will bring us closer to a slightly thicker mobile device that can offer life Better side by side Deserve


Manager of Consumer Products Division Have fun with the Starbook computer - the chipset Want every computer to be basically a laptop?

Continuing the scramble for minimization and cost savings should not surprise anyone, but the innovation here is that at the same time Intel is introducing a new vision in which cables will become a hallmark of the past - wireless charging (As part of the new Rezence facility Which unites most of the technology companies), fast Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, connectivity WiDig connectivity and even short-distance WiGig connectivity will all be integrated into devices to give users the option of not using any wires or cables under any circumstances if they wish.

Any wireless communication protocol that exists more or less in the world is on its way to your mobile
Each communication protocol That exists in the world more or less is on its way to your mobile

Add these to you The Thunderbolt 3 Which became a kind of expansion of the - Type C, and you have a vision that future laptops can include a one-of-a-kind physical connection, the use of which will be optional as well.

There is no doubt that it will take quite a while to mature all wireless technologies and to persuade a critical mass of consumers to "upgrade" and leave behind all connections. Type A and But the bottom line is that by the end of this decade, we will all have guessed how we managed once in a world where wired connections were the vast majority.

Even in the stationary processors sector There are lines: beyond that we are supposed to see back to the K models' pattern (with a thermal envelope of up to 95 watts) After the recently launched non-standard C processors For the Broadwell generation, support for memories And growth to 20 PCI-Express 3.0 channels coming out of the processor will be a significant improvement that will justify, for once, the replacement of the chassis from LGA1150 to LGA1151. However, those who might have hoped to see Or hexagonal cores outside the line Separated and expensive, will probably be disappointed again.


Z170 - Get used to it
Z170 - Get used to it

Initial Skylake processors, both desktop and mobile, are slated to be available in a few months, ahead of the end of the civilian year - although we may not see any delays or delays in this case either, whether due to manufacturing issues or due to Give a little more weight to.




For dessert, some of the first Skylake devices await us around the corner - a slim and stylish hybrid mobile from Toshiba, Dell XPS 15 Who adopts the magnificent "screen without limits" of his little brother, And a super-rich PC And Asus options

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