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Rest: The head of the graphics card division at AMD goes on a three-month vacation

After two demanding years in the job in which he managed to return some of the lost commercial power to the red chip developer, Raja Kodori will temporarily replace him

Not every day we encounter a situation in which a senior hardware industry informs him that he is on a long vacation, which may explain why the company's announcement The issue is creating quite a few echoes on the net these days, with the head of the RTG Brigade (RA) Technologies Group) will win the entire last quarter of the year for rest and strength, and will be replaced by CEO Lisa Sue - a sort of temporary return to what was the situation before the division was formed in 2015.

In just a few years, Raja Kodori became one of the most recognizable faces for anyone interested in computer hardware, but this process was not at all easy, unsurprisingly - and according to the internal letter he sent to his employees (and who found his way online), he seemed to feel it Affected his family to a large extent, prompting him to ask for a rest period where he could devote time and attention to his relatives, just before the start of next year and preparations for the launch of a new wave of up-to-date products, probably based on the architecture of the Whose references we received on several road maps.

The CEO who managed to stem the fall of And even led to a reversal of the trend takes on another responsibility

We hope that this extended vacation will not adversely affect its technological plans In the long-term graphics field, and not even more pressing market-related problems - such as the disproportionate demand from digital currency miners.

The long (very) way until the official launch of the Is it the 'guilt' at the exit of Kodori for a rest period?


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  1. Very good to go on vacation !!! Disappointed loads of stuff would bring something new ... but unfortunately according to the next video sold the watches !!! Notice the comparison to the clock in front of the Fury X No change how could a new archive not ??? Probably not !!!

  2. No one goes out for three months off even if he has worked really really hard for two years.
    He probably worked really, really, really, really, really hard. Or in any case, the REDEON division has nothing to innovate anytime soon so it doesn't really matter if there will be a full-time manager there or not.
    Apparently for them he did a very good job and Vega meets the expectations they planned for her so you can rest a few laurels for a few months.

    An enjoyable vacation and a good year

  3. Moved to Intel. I had a sense of something in style, not going on a vacation of 3 months, not in such a situation.

    It was a cover for the transition process.

    Guess he's very angry at AMD right now, a "garment" in a group that's been home for a few years.

    What the young man is very talented and mathematical genius.

  4. The answer to NV probably will be available only from Intel, which is a giant step in the direction.
    AMD does not have the resources and they are spread over too many areas. Their blanket is short.

    Intel, on the other hand, has a storehouse of folded blankets that are waiting for an order.
    Perhaps they decided to enter the GPU field seriously in the long term with their most prominent advantage being one-chip-to-rule-them-all

  5. I definitely think it's a rally to think about a mid-level GPU built-in processor in the near future if HBM becomes more accessible.

    Similar to what is happening in the console only more efficiently and with huge savings in place compared to around-the-core memory, the question is whether HBM in the existing format can be used as CPU RAM.

    Think of a RX VEGA package that included the CPU, GPU and RAM. Think about what it will do for the mobile market.

    Who knows, maybe in the next decade there will be no separation between them at all (Overall this is the return of AMD for many years)

    Funny that about a year ago 20 worked so much to separate the graphics from the processor and in recent years so much has been done to get it back there…

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