You encountered a USB drive from an unknown source? • Do not rush to use HWzone

You encountered a USB drive from an unknown source? Do not rush to use it

A new method of distributing digital ransom programs reminds us that it is not recommended to use the media at all External ones that are not quite clear where they came from

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Never attempt to open suspicious files that you have received in your inbox. This warning, which is unlikely to be needed long ago, received an interesting turn in the city of Pakenham, Australia, when a number of residents received the files directly to their physical mailbox at home on a drive . A number of curious residents who were happy to receive a free gift connected the drive to the computer and received a tempting offer that allegedly came from a company Or other content provider. The installation of the software did not, in the first stage, produce any results, but at a later stage a message was raised from a ransom program that demanded a large sum of money in return for the release of the information that was encrypted on the computer.

Illustration picture
Illustration picture

According to a report on the site SlashGear, The mobile drives arrived in unmarked and unmarked envelopes, which led the case's investigators to suspect that they had been placed in the mailboxes manually. This may help the police find suspects using cameras on the street and other evidence such as fingerprints. Australian police issued a warning to residents not to use drives Suspects, and stated that at least two or three people were injured by the H- Infected. It seems that the current attempt to make profits at the expense of private individuals did not yield significant results in this case.

USB drives have long been used as a way to transfer viruses and other malware between computers. Hackers (hackers) usually stick the user's own mobile drive. One way to avoid such infection is to purchase a portable drive that includes A switch that makes it temporarily readable only When connected to a suspicious computer. Maliciously infecting a computer with a drive Acquired by the hacker itself requires the investment of additional financial resources, and is therefore used mainly for a focused attack on computers or specific people rather than a general attack on a large number of users, as in the latter case.

The portable storage with a button to activate read-only mode.
The flat With a button to activate read-only mode.

The danger of USB drives is not always limited to software. A company named USB KILL Market Drive Causing immediate disabling and irreversible damage to the computer to which it connects. The cost of a drive Such is 50 Euro. According to the company, the product is intended for anyone who wants to test or destroy (Kill in the website language) their equipment…

The distribution of the infidelity software in remote mailboxes occurred in faraway Australia and did not cause significant damage, but it is a reminder to all of us that free, suspicious gifts may cause us to pay dearly if we do not take extra care.


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  1. Great.
    Dispel millions like this in the world.
    A great catalyst for promoting hardware security and software isolation.

  2. "New" method
    Learn this in the introduction to securing information in technical colleges even during the CD ROM days
    Hackers would hand out CDs with all kinds of free stuff, what it was handing out, sometimes just throwing on the street and people would use it.

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