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You have not seen anything like this: a heat sink with a diamond

Austrian Cooling Solution Manufacturer Introduces Lots Included in this year's Compotex Exhibition - Including New Monster

What hardware exhibition is a real hardware exhibition if it does not have a cooling device? This year at the 2013 COMPUTEX we also found the curator's booth Which in the last few years has become a major in air-cooling processors thanks to brilliant engineering and exceptional performance when it stormed the market and harvested every possible title.

Inside a quiet nanoxia chassis on the side stood what looked like an aluminum cube and compressed copper - it's The air that claims to be the most advanced and efficient in the world, along with the addition of new technologies to reduce noise. The company claims that the cooling is so quiet that you will not notice that it is also the only ventilation system in your system.
The name of this cooling is not yet known, it is also known to belong to the NH series, may be called D15 due to the use of the fan diameter 15 centimeters. In general, it seems that Noktua adopts the size of the new ventilators and displays 15 fans as a solution for the use of its new coolers. The same interpreters they had improved By adding more magnetic bearings, jumping from 4 to 6, as if they were not quiet and reliable enough.
Here is a glimpse into the body Another built in the form of two towers. The biggest emphasis is space space for total high profile memory High as well, so its weight and shape are shifted to the left:
Nukutua is not enough. The company has decided to develop heat transfer technologies in full vigor and has come with Interesting - Using diamond to improve heat transfer from the heat sink base. In the show, Noctua shows how using diamond particles combined with a copper base contributes to efficient heat transfer by about 25 percent (!). According to company representatives, using this technology can improve processor operation temperatures by about 4-5 degrees of heat (depending on the given temperature) as opposed to using the traditional base. Do you fit the same "NH-D15" plus a diamond particle base? Of course, the pleasure is far from cheap and will be launched with the company coolers at high prices and limited stock. You can look at it as the flag raising the top of the mountain.
No doubt this year Gives a serious show with its range of coolers and fans, it is directed to all places while also showing a prototype of a new fan specially designed for radiators, the thickest the more dense, the more compressed.
As you have seen in the latest hardware reviews on the site, the Mini ITX market is gaining momentum. All motherboard manufacturers are in a hurry to launch those tiny but very advanced motherboards. Nectoa solution is also for those who are in no hurry to pin a block Water and prefers a quiet and mobile system with a new line of cooling designed mainly for computer systems with Mini ITX miniboards:

More about noise cancellation technology in the attached video:

The availability of these refrigerants - this year already. Expect the country? October-November environments. No price information.


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  1. Why not make a diamond that is made entirely of diamond
    They cannons only wonder how much the new cooling will cost

  2. This diamond has streaked
    Diamond was the best heat conductor, so they tried embedded industrial diamonds at the cooling base I was thinking about this about 13 a year ago.
    But the best conductive material is nano. Not in tubes but in an airtight thickness surface. Yes .
    In my opinion, this is the next thing

  3. I do not think so
    Still for a good cool they build monsters too clumsy and too heavy not boycott the motherboard and where they are stored including the memory slot This is not a leading company This is a transport company
    Need a lever for their unnecessary cooling

  4. To 2
    The diamond here is redundant and used only for decoration. Since a diamond is not metal, it does not conduct heat. It is the copper mainly that improves the heat transfer of the cooling, since its thermal conduction is better than aluminum.
    If they used silver, metal, and the element with the highest thermal conductivity in nature, instead of diamond and copper, the cooling efficiency would have gone up by several hundred over the current state of cooling. Air cooling in the same structure as cheap but silver generic cooling would have been equivalent to the water coolers for heavy gamers and overclockers.

  5. For 6: Absolute rattle
    The following is a wiring diagram in Wikipedia:

    So many erroneous assumptions that you have thrown away… You should also mention that thermal ointment is not metal and has good thermal conductivity.
    So the material with the highest thermal conductivity that can be found in nature is carbon - a diamond alotrop called diamond.

    I also doubt your assumptions about pure silver cooling - since the thermal conductivity differences between copper and silver are not significant (better conductive heat in 10% of copper according to Wikipedia data), and also that with the heat pipe convection mechanism in advanced cooling For a more uniform distribution of heat across the heat sink, making cooling better.

    Please warn your words, and at least make sure of them :)

  6. Sorry 6 but what a crap you're talking about
    Please note that any material is a heat conductor of any degree and does not really need metals. If your skin did not conduct heat you would not feel temperature. Diamond is an outstanding heat conductor! Much better than money. Not just for decoration! You don't even see him inside

  7. Did I miss something?
    Where can you buy this piece of metal that solves somewhat about the noise?

  8. Add magnets
    After all, the fan itself is made up of up to 6 or 8 blades, if there are more blades like 16 then there will be weight savings and thus energy and noise!
    Plus why just turn the fan off center? You can also put magnets and coils on the fan and circular edges of the entire business and thus create extra power, in addition to letting it run upside down it can slow down the speed while generating energy for subsequent batteries and flow the energy back for more leverage!

    Most importantly: why on every single fan grill, divide it into a matrix and apply it to every 4 grill or more fans in the matrix, according to the heat exchanger you can control which fan will flow more energy and thus control the amount of energy - save!

  9. Diamond with heat sink
    Improving 2 degrees compared to others is not such a big deal There is no difference between 38 degrees and 40 degrees this is regretless

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