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You order: The complete details on all Asus Z490 boards

Introducing New Taiwan Giant Motherboards to Z490 Chipset and New LGA1200 Bracket - Available in stores starting tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 20) is expected to be a day off With the launch of a new desktop processor platform together with motherboards from all manufacturers in the field. We're ordering you - now with the various motherboards עבור In the chipset .

Z490 is the most advanced chipset in the new bracket , And it enables overclocking. Also, the motherboards in this bracket are ready to repair PCI-Express in generation 4.0 when future processors come with support for this. Together with the XNUMXth generation processors of They allow Standard 3.0, of course.

We have prepared a table that includes general features for the different motherboard models:

The new motherboard line starts at $ 150 and reaches as high as $ 750 before taxes for Top in Top.

The top at the top is the ROG Maximus XII Extreme, A monstrous one that weighs on its own like an average office computer thanks to its solid aluminum bezel. With a flag ship like a flag ship, very advanced hardware is used for every area that is possible. The fanatics your sons will probably consider such an unconventional option. Over NIS 4,000 in launch price in Israel, this motherboard is analogous to a car writer. At least nice that you can mostly see in the pictures.

God- Maximus XII Hero is actually the new Extreme, at least materially. This is a monstrous motherboard for overclocking at a price tag of about NIS 2,000. Half his big brother, but almost full of features and interfaces. Logically, the Hero will be the highest performing point that top end users want to climb.

The ROG Strix Z490-E entered the conventional overclocking slot , Which cost about NIS 1,500. It cuts some of the buttons on the board and the external processor control, but leaves most of the physical hardware to perform Advanced as the soul of the users. Besides, he didn't look bad at all.

The Z1,000 from the TUF series enters the slot below NIS 490 . Here, too, compared to the Z390, improvements have been made in all areas of the motherboard, including cooling systems, overclocking and rear ports. This will be the recommended point for those who are interested in overclocking for processors i5 and i7 mainly.

Last but not least, one of the cheapest options available from the Z490 boards is the Prime Z490M-Plus, a MATX standard motherboard that also gets an upgraded electrical system compared to the previous generation to handle the increased potential power. This motherboard also deserves the speed of a number In the seat The new. Pretty solid.

The amount of features per motherboard in this series is tremendous, And we would recommend visiting the Asus website for full technical specifications. Today is expected to be available on shelves as soon as a pre-order opens a few days ago.

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