Not worth missing: NVM drives at very low prices (updated)

Original article: Quick models from Western Digital, And Patriot manage to surprise us again, after we thought we saw almost everything

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Beside Prices of DRAM memories that continue to fly downwards, It seems that the price of chips Is becoming increasingly cheaper - allowing not only older SATA drives to break positive records of cost-benefit ratios, but also modern M2 drives that support the standard SATA- To reach prices that until recently had been considered mere fantasy.

The section, the Intel 660p model that was one of the first NVMs to break market prices, continues to lead the downward trend even now - and now Its 512GB version can be purchased for a final price of $ 68.81, Or 255 shekels only.

Are not you excited about QLC? Western Digital's new SN500 model Which has won great accolades in various reviews across the network due to its real world performance (although theoretical performance only reaches 1,700MBps) is reduced to a bargain price of 72.38 for 500GB - about NIS 265 including delivery to the house.

A modest drive that manages to surprise everyone in almost every class - and won a $ 12 cut from its price in a pair of beats within a few days

is also The Patriot Scorch model is 512GB, Based on the popular E8 controller And uses a vein 3.0 × 2 to provide continuous speeds of up to 1,700MBps and random performance up to 200,000IOPS - available for 73.12 dollars.

For convenience, the latest Western Digital SN750 Black Drive, which is one of the most advanced home models on the market with continuous transfer speeds of up to 3,100MBps and random performance with small 4KB files up to 220,000IOPS, Fell below the VAT exemption threshold within the volume of 250GB - Cost of 77.32 dollars including delivery to the home (285 Shekels), as a worthy alternative to the popular 970 EVO of .

The WD Black SN750 is available in standard version and version with Nice looking - note that the version offered at a discount now is the heat-free

updating: The 900GB HP EX500 drive is sold in Newegg At a price of ILS 311.81 including shipping to Israel.

Lexmark NVME NM600 with 480GB, With continuous 2,100MBps speed and random performance up to 188,000IOPS, is offered at NIS 312.81.

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