Want to watch Netflix at the highest quality? You will need to use the Edge HWzone browser
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Want to watch Netflix at the highest quality? You will need to use the Edge browser

In preparation for this year's 10 update, Publishes the advantages of Edge, its current browser, and recalls that only you can watch Netflix at its optimal quality

It's no secret that Microsoft is You want to upgrade your computer For Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system. The software giant of Redmond will also be very happy, of course, if you prefer to use its new Edge browser that comes built-in with the system. That's why she is Has released In her development blog a detailed post, in which she explains all the good reasons to choose specifically the successor of Explorer is old.

Microsoft begins by mentioning its test results, which demonstrate Edge's significant advantage over competing browsers in battery consumption contexts during HD video playback on its Surface Book computers. The company especially emphasizes the big gap in comparison Much more popular, a gap that amounts to 3 hours of screen time. The report further states that the gaps in electricity savings are heightened as the user watches higher-quality video.

Battery life while watching HD in top browsers
Battery life while viewing HD in top browsers, from the Windows Blog

The rest of the post mentions in a nonchalant manner that only the Edge browser can be Watch Netflix content 1080P and 7500 high Bitrate, as opposed to the other browsers that lag far behind, supporting only 720P with 4200 Bitrate. Web surfers who read the blog and were surprised to hear about it ran their own tests immediately, and it turns out that this is true.

Please note that Netflix 'current service Does not currently support viewing 4K resolution on PC, so it has been dropped from testing. It is also important to mention that the above figure is probably less relevant to a significant percentage of users Who watch the Netflix content on their computer screen or laptop, but for those who connect their computer to the TV screen.

The timing of Microsoft releases is not coincidental. Windows 10 is to celebrate a birthday year in early August andGet a comprehensive update. In the plan - upgrade the start menu, strengthen the connectivity front , Improving the virtual assistant (Which also works only in front of Edge) and, of course, allowing the use of extensions in the new browser, at last.

Those of you who get preview versions of the operating system can already access the store and download a variety of Popular extensions To the browser.

Netflix. Microsoft mentions that viewing Windows 1080P is only possible through Edge
Netflix. Reminds that viewing windows 1080P is only possible through Edge

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