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The sucker who did not wait: The GeForce GTX 980 Ti lands in stores

NVIDIA Launches NVIDIA Touchscreen Graphics card Geforce GTX 980 Ti, The most advanced of the Titan family, designed for performance enthusiasts who want performance And are willing to pay substantial sums for this

Graphics card Geforce GTX 980 Ti Anodia is a strong card in the competition against AMD, which has become more of a show of control than competition in the past two years. He will face The Radeon Fury (which we recently met as R9 390X), The advanced video card that Will launch soon, at the gaming show .

Geforce Ti - Specifications

  • Launch price: 649 USD
  • Core architecture: Maxwell
  • Manufacturing process: 28 nm
  • Number of processing units: 2,816
  • Memory: 6 Gb and 7 GHz effective, GDDR5
  • Thermal envelope: 250 watts


Technically, the GTX 980 Ti is very similar to the GTX Titan X, a video card priced between 1,050 and 1,200 dollars. This, while it contains almost identical technical data, except Graphic that is cut from 12 to gigabyte 6 and shutting down a sub-cluster of CUDA cores that sets the total number to 2,816 units, X.


How to Ti tackles gaming?

According to a wide range of reviews across the server, the GTX 980 Ti appears to be the Titan X killer. There seems to be no reason in the world to pay almost double the price So similar with differences in the 5 area only, depending on the title of course.


The GTX 980 Ti is not a FullHD video card, it's designed for much more than that. The GTA V, for example, is very close to the performance of the Titan X, while destroying the R9 295X2 double the core of the competitor And in 20 it leads to a The standard.


B- 4 situation is similar. Almost identical to those of Titan X. Here too the difference between Ti and the The standard is not dramatic and stands at a little less than 30 per cent. In terms of the ratio of cost and performance, Ti and Very similar, with the younger brother GTX 970 that takes a serious lead in everything related to the subject with a significantly lower price tag for just a little less than the G-.

Video card Ti is expected to come with a range of advanced purifications from manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. At the moment it is not known what the price of the Ti in Israel and when it will be available for purchase. We estimate that early bookings will begin this month.

The GTX 980 Ti is the most expensive high-end market card you can find in stores right now - especially considering power consumption versus the AMD R9 295X2 dual
God- Ti is the most lucrative high-end card you can find in stores right now - especially if you also take into account the power issue versus AMD's R9 295X2

The answer of - Soon

AMD plans to answer GTX 980 Ti, And this answer will be called Radeon Fury. For the more veteran the name would be familiar. In the past ATI then launched a video card called Rage Fury Maxx and seemed interested in making a gesture. The Radeon Fury of Is expected to be exposed at a special gaming event at the exhibition .


The Radeon Fury is expected to contain a huge amount of internal processors, 4,096. This is compared to the 2,816 only in its current Radeon R9 290X. In addition, it will contain Rapid memory in HBM technology Which is expected to be a significant improvement over Which is widely used today.

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Competition is on the way, There is great confidence in her product. The clock is ticking and in two weeks we will know who has the upper hand.

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