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Would you pay 730 euros for a Linux-based laptop?

A small Spanish company believes that there is room for computers in the market And try to conquer it with the KDE Slimbook

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Linux is not the first (or even the second and third) operating system that people think about when considering buying New, but that does not mean that it is not an acceptable and preferred option for some consumers, who do not need it and distributing it only because of their ability to reasonably operate on old and basic hardware - there are people for whom Is the basic tool of choice, and a company called Slimbook wants to offer them a deal that can not be refused.

The company in question has collaborated with the open source community The KDE Slimbook, which offers modern and up-to-date hardware and appearance combined with the KDE Neon-based software and graphics operating system, has been tested and adapted specifically for the product's hardware.

KDE is your preferred Linux distribution? This computer is probably for you

The KDE Slimbook will be offered in a base configuration with a 13.3-inch 1080-resolution screen, a dual-core Core i5-6200U processor The Skylake section, 3GB DDR4L memory, 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity and drive In the 120GB volume of EVO 850 In mSATA configuration - all in a chassis made of aluminum that is very similar to the MacBook Air and its competitors, and at a fair price tag of 730 Euro. Worth it or not - it already depends on you and your need for a system based on KDE or any other popular Linux distribution that will probably work without problems with this hardware. The Slimbook also includes a backlit English and Spanish keyboard, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a pair of connectors 3.0 and a capacity of about 53-watts.

The hardware is far from being the latest and most advanced in the market, but it's probably still more than enough for the operating system that comes with the product

A more advanced (and less expensive) model of the KDE Slimbook with a more streamlined Core i7-6500U will be offered for sale at a starting price of 850 EUR, and in both cases it is possible to add dynamic memory up to a total volume of 16GB, replace the SSD with a volume model Of 250GB or 500GB and also replace the wireless network controller manufactured by In a model that supports the faster 802.11ac standard - you can do this with Slimbook itself or independently, if you want to save as much as possible from the final price tag.

A Linux computer for a few thousand shekels may sound like a weird and unnecessary idea, but hey - we've already seen Based system OS, which is aimed at the high and prestigious market segment, why not try something similar for the open source world?

If it worked for And portable Why not work here?

The KDE Slimbook is on sale through the official Slimbook website, with a promise to start shipping after the 15 in March 2017, when the product can also be ordered to Israel, plus 100 Euro for the total cost. Not cheap - but if that's exactly what you want and need, you probably won't find it anywhere else.


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  1. No. You can buy a laptop at half price (as long as the hardware is not exotic) and install it on a Linux based ... because almost every such one for the personal market is completely free.

  2. It all depends on what this computer has:
    It may just be a gimmick for those who have unnecessary money.
    And this computer can do a lot.
    LINUX is very much in demand when it comes to information security issues, specific tools are required to work or those who love this channel. The computer may be designed for just that.
    If this operating system contains manipulative tools and requires little human intervention…. So in my opinion there will be those who will pay for it.

  3. 730 euros for a good laptop, it's not a price in the sky.
    Personally I would like to see a greater variety of laptops sold with pre-installed Linux.
    At the very least, I'd like to see a large variety of laptops that come with no operating system (or FreeDos) at all. This will save you from buying unnecessary windows license.

  4. The computer is not what will make people work on Linux. It's not that you can't install Linux on any Windows machine, just no one wants, because there is no single distribution of Linux that is reasonable for the simple user. Ubuntu comes closest to it, but it is also bursting with bugs, incredibly slow (relative to Linux's "lightness") and difficult for a simple user ...

  5. Demand 730 Euro for a PC with such a shabby specification and an operating system that you can download for free, bordering impudently.

  6. I prefer Linux to windows every day of the week, especially with KDE, in any way.
    The only thing I use in windows, it's just those games that I have that don't work on Linux (many games today, including Triple A, Linux workers, on Steam).
    Therefore, I am pleased with the offer, precisely the more expensive, because of the specifications.
    Largely, you can install Linux on any computer…

    And whoever's talking about bugs here ... Listen, windows is one big bug, but if you think "Don't turn off your computer! Update!" And "your computer is at risk, do blah blah blah" and the like is what you think of something successful, so excuse me, you id.

  7. Not a mobile buyer unless I start learning or something, unnecessary risk and a lot of heartache

  8. Quote of smootskin

    Not buying Mobile Unless I start learning or something, unnecessary risk and a lot of heartache

    A bit of an exaggeration, it's a laptop for a few thousand shekels, not a bet on binary options with money meant for life-saving surgery ...

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