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Your webcam has been disabled after updating 10 windows? there is a solution

Update year of 10, it turns out, has caused thousands of cameras cut out. Until it is officially fixed, we have intermediate treatments for you

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Many users continue to complain about Update the year of Windows 10 Which arrived earlier this month. The update is significant, and it certainly benefits the operating system, but on the other hand it also led to a series of Boll Which some users experience. This time, many users are complaining on the net about discovering that their webcam does not work after the update.

Logitech's C920, one of the most popular models (Photo: Logitech)
Logitech's C920, one of the most popular models (Photo: Logitech)

According to the blog Thurott, The cameras that rely on the H.264 and MJPEG compression standards, including familiar models from companies such as Logitech. Microsoft chose not to support them because it was concerned about performance issues that might arise as a result of the change in the way cameras work in the operating system. The update eliminated the exclusivity of one software that uses the camera (for example, Skype), and made it available to several software and functions in parallel. The only officially supported device, as of now, is YUY2.

Create a new value, as described below

If the video from your webcam freezes or you experience crashes during video calls after the update, do not be afraid. Microsoft 's official patch will come in September, but by then, the registry can be changed to , The Registry, and restore the situation to its previous state. As always, dealing with Registry is recommended only to users who know what they are doing.

Press the keyboard on the icon And the R key together, and press "regedit". On the left, navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folders, from there to SOFTWARE and Microsoft. Continue to the folder Media Foundation and choose Platform. Press the right key in the Platform folder, select "New" and "QWORD Value". A new value with the name "New Value #1" should now appear. Rename (using the F2 key) to "EnableFrameServerMode". Double-click it. Under the heading "Value Data", type 0.

That's how it should look
That's how it should look


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  1. I do not believe
    I was sure my camera was dead so I took it apart and finally destroyed it
    Pacnig Microsoft!

  2. This year's update is 14393. I have the 10586 version from November of 2015.
    The update service works and it automatically downloads each update.
    When you don't want updates, Microsoft OS will download them every day.
    When you finally need one of their features - before moving a new computer to associate the serial number with a Live account, you find that the operating system has not been updated for a year.

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