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Zotac celebrates a birthday with the most powerful mini computer in the world

Macao's hardware developer has been around for a decade and chooses to remind us of this with the terrifying Magnus EN1080

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The company's Magnus computers There has been considerable interest from us for some time now, thanks to the impressive ability to compress advanced gaming gaming into highly designed and compact enclosures - and, based on their ever-increasing launch rate, we are not the only ones interested in the market.

After the Magnus EN980 Which has managed to compress an entire video card type GTX 980 On a computer less than six liters in size, the Magnus EN1080 also comes on the occasion of the decade's founding of the manufacturer - which integrates the card GTX 1080 in an envelope of the same dimensions, to create an impressive cube-house gaming monster.

Continues to perfect the tiny desktop category

The Magnus EN1080 combines the leading video card of the Of the GeForce family (in its mobile version, which delivers almost identical performance to the landline) with a processor i7-6700 quad-core desktop, and system Ultra-compact water in a closed circuit that enables the two products to exist and act in a correct manner in the small space provided to them.

Mgs2 Mgs1

Large variety of ports Adapted to the world of virtual reality

You will also find a pair of DisplayPort 1.3 ports with 4K display support, three 2.0K HDMI 4 ports (ensuring that the computer is compatible with three-dimensional glasses available on the market), four 3.0 Type A USB connections, one 3.1 Type A USB connection, Type One symmetric mini-size, SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet connection card, 3.1ac built-in network card with 802.11 array, receiving antennas and 2 broadcast antennas, Bluetooth 2 connectivity, DC power supply pairing and pair of slots SODIMM with maximum 32GB memory support, along with drive space One 2.5 and one M.2 drive.

A unique and interesting cooling system that is designed to allow operation at a reasonable temperature and especially in quiet conditions
system Unique and interesting, which is supposed to allow operation at a reasonable temperature, and especially quietly

It is not yet known exactly how much the powerful EN1080 will cost, but if you take into account a price tag of about $ 1,200 received by Zotac's previous monster, The Magnus EN1070 includes a GeForce GTX 1070 video card, The new model is likely to cost at the very least 1,500 dollars and even more - much like gaming computers Which include the same graphics card. Worth or ridiculous and expensive too much? Apparently it depends mainly on the willingness to purchase and assemble computers independently, as an alternative to purchasing a product that requires very little self-preparation before it is ready to provide you with quality gaming in a mini-package.

Mgs6 Mgs4

As befits a real gaming product, the Magnus EN1080 includes several illuminated elements whose colors can be customized with dedicated software


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