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ADATA makes order in its products

ADATA makes order in its array of products, and continues its efforts to adopt a new image for the company
Company Has not introduced many new products this year and has not unveiled new work plans at Computex, but has chosen to focus on changing its image, which began with the change of its logo at last year's exhibition. Wants to survive a new message to customers and tries to brand itself as a brand more valuable to the customer.
This year, ADATA has arranged its stalls in a way that can better explain and highlight the differences between all its product lines, and of course it has not forgotten to do a show with the position And some liquid nitrogen.
The display of flash drives and external drives, the company distributed the products to 4 groups. The first are the DashDrive series, the most basic series of drives. The drives come with a connection 3.0 and an external shaped puzzle design. The drive that the company focused on is the UV110 and it should come with a very low price tag.
The DashDrive Durable Drive Series offers water, sand and shock drives that the company has chosen to display in a pair of sand and water stalls. In addition, the premium product offerings are DashDrive Elite and DashDrive Choice, with the difference being that Choice will offer cheaper premium products. Some of the premium products will also be water resistant, such as the UC500 drive shown in the exhibition. Due to the more beautiful design, unfortunately, the drives will be less resistant to shocks.
In the field ofRAM, memory cards and memory cards did not introduce new products, but it did show them when they were categorized according to their categories. Premier series is the basic series this time and contains basic and inexpensive products, Premier Pro series offers products with Better and XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) series offers the most powerful products the company has to give you, and these are for gamers and buffers.
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