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AMD does not have to - R9 prepares 390X for competition with GTX 980

Video card maker You do not have to keep up with an anodyne who's making a noise recently, and plans to launch too New

Here, finally, the red answer I like Waiting for it - a new generation of To compete head to head against that of .

AMD remains with the branding it invented in the previous generation, and the advanced video card it will probably read R9 390X. This video card was created to be sent in front of the GTX 980 Which is expected to attract great popularity among end users.


So it seems the lid of Radeon R9 390X, very similar to the design of it in the R9 295X2 double core. Similarly, the R9 390X video card will come with a water cooling unit from Asetek that will directly cool the graphics core. This is the first choice for a single-core video card , Neighbor Water is still a new trend and not very popular.

At the moment, this is a leak from Asetek itself Lady VideoCardz And every additional detail about Radeon R9 390X is not yet known. It can be assumed that this video card will use an improvement to the GCN architecture Which will allow it to perform better than R9 290X while maintaining moderate power consumption, although the presence of water cooling may indicate that We want to win the performance tables even if the power consumption is very high.

All that remains is to wait for more details.


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  1. Happy lately…
    Good for us this competition, now have to wait a little longer to see more relevant options of .. I'm tired of living here with GT620: rolleye0018:

  2. Why wait? Choose a lucrative ticket available today, read articles and discussions from the time it was announced, and then go to the store and buy it out of joy at the fact that you do not have to wait for it to come out.

  3. True, but a week after you bought a new ticket and you eat yourself, it happened to me on the previous computer, I think I'll give myself a deadline by mid-October, anyway I buy a ticket at 2K ₪, while I can buy 970390 for a few dollars.

  4. I don't buy a ticket very often so if you know that it should come out really close it would rather wait and stay up to date a little more, which is why electricity consumption interested me in this series (not because of electricity bill: screwy :) but heat emitted ..

  5. You don't know if he's going out any time soon. You do not know what core it will use and what will be the performance improvement (if any). You don't even know for sure what his name is. In fact, you know nothing about him except what his lid looks like (and things derived from it like the cooling method), which is what was leaked according to the article.

    To wait an unknown time for a card that you do not really know about anything relevant, seems to me illogical. Especially if you've been stuck with a really weak card and there is no situation that will satisfy you for nothing.

  6. True, I don't know, but at worst I will buy a card with a new name and the same performance as before (less sure it won't), and on the other hand there is a situation for improving one or more parameters so the bet at the expense of some more patience (which is not the easiest - agree) in my opinion worth it.

  7. Anyone who wants a really good ticket and can wait _ (and the way to save a little), a week after the world of 980 prices drop to the previous generation, so in such a situation it would be great to take 780TI second-hand and wait for March 2015 _ (maximum end of August .. Za year So now we will see PASCAL _ (all the mucus now spilled should not be shed at all ... maybe because of the electricity consumption, assuming it is true).
    But the next era of video cards combined with advanced screens is only seen in PASCAL.
    you have been warned!

  8. Anodia is the one who changed the name. I guess she is just waiting to see what they declare next, to "warn" everyone not to wait for the fax but only what will come after it, and then back again

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