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AMD: Changing the branding of video cards in the near generation?

The new generation of graphics cards from AMD Will probably be named Radeon R

At the end of September, AMD Will unveil the new generation of graphic cards known as the "volcanic islands". The new generation will replace the generation that is considered to have the longest life span of cards AMD Ever.
Since the advent of the Vulcan Islands, there have been countless speculations around the new code name they will use. Some claimed that the logical name would be HD 8XXX, Some said HD 9XXX And now the latest news reports that the name they will probably use RX-XXX.

By site videocardzfew months agoAMD Conducted a survey with a question about which name to call the new series of video cards, one of the options was RX-200. According to the most up-to-date information, this is probably also a variation of the final name. Graphics card series HD 79XX, HD 78XX, HD 77XX Will be replaced according to: R9-XXX, R8-XXX, R7-XXX And chances are the 7990 core replication will be replaced by double New as R9-290.
With the new names, AMD Can position its products more clearly, with a smooth transition between the cards destined for the higher market segment and the lower market segment. RThe most powerful 9 followed respectively R8,R7 and so on. On the other hand, there may be confusion between the new names and the names of the graphical cores, such as R500,R600 andR700.
To our surprise, the series R7 Contain it Which contains its predecessor HD 7700, which confirms previous reports that apart from established "Hawaii" processor cards, the rest of the new cards will be rebranding the current cards.
In addition to cards AMD For the desktop PC, a series will also be launched Graphics for computers on behalf of RM200 to compete withGeforce 700M של NVIDIA.
In the end, no matter how AMD Call the new graphics processors, performance and price will be the determining factor for the consumer. Remember, the Vulcan Islands family of cards will be shown at a special event in Hawaii during the last week of September. Probably will be buy them in the middle-end of October 2013.


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