AMD plans to include GDDR5 memories in its HWzone processors

AMD plans to include GDDR5 memories in its processors

AMD Trying to promote the use of hybrid memory: both GDDR And they DDR On computer systems. Think it will do the job?
With the integration of a graphics core in addition to the processing core of the processor,APU From home AMD. Tests Made to these processors also prove this: if the graphics core of the processor is the only one present (ie, there is no graphics card in the system with a dedicated graphics memory), a higher memory speed will necessarily yield better. The maximum speed they were able to reach with DDR3 She's meanwhile 3 GHz, compared with6.4 GHz: The frequency at which they can work GDDR5. B-AMD Combine the two.
According to John Gustafson, chief graphics architect atAMD, They have long been seeking to expand the bandwidth between the processor and the memory system. "Everyone wants to use ultra-fast memory combined with cheap memory, just like all levels of memory, a long time ago in high-performance computing, we always wanted to have static memory near processors and volatile memory away from them, Said Mr. Gustafson to the news site
Chips - Now mandatory equipment in every home
What Gustafson refers to is the migration of SRAM (Static - even when there is no memory electricity will save data) from the high performance computing area to the home computer. It has always been preferred in these areas due to its performance but limited in volume by price. According to him, the demand from game consumers lowered the price to a reasonable level, to the extent that it is used in large volumes in mass consoles such as the -PS4 From home .
Dear veterans - remember him? He brought the gospel To the mainstream
"They're still more expensive, but not crazy." For all applications that are memory-dependent and bandwidth, if you double the memory speed by five, they will run at least four times faster than now and there are many people willing to pay for it, His reference to the subject.
He does not see God-DDR Higher than our lives in the near future, what he does suggest is hierarchy. First it will be the CPU His treasure was second, then third, then GDDR And when all the others are finished, the processor will turn to memory DDR Slower but larger volume. It's not such a far-fetched dream, considering that video cards from the highest gaming market can hold up to six gigabytes of video Graphics, not to mention general computing cards that can hold even eight.


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  1. Parallel work
    Today's DDR3 memories are so cheap that all you need to do from AMD and intel - is to switch to quad memory chanel and even more so if you want, to get high bandwidth and affordable.

  2. To 2, Pak Logic.
    There is so much unreasonableness in your post that I break down the reasons

    1 - Memories in Four Channels This is not a combination organized in a second, it's a project. It is a project to embed the controllers in the processor, to embed the pins where, in the bracket, all the bilateral indicator on the motherboard.

    2 - For 4 channels you need 4 sticks, only the material itself will add more costs.

    So let's see what we had - CPU costs, motherboard costs, memory costs (production and purchase). Your logic of throwing 4 channels just like that to inflate bandwidth is fundamentally wrong.

  3. Fix for SRAM memory explanation
    SRAM memory is a volatile memory for everything, which means that the information is lost if the voltage is stopped and not as written.
    The difference between it and DRAM memory is that you do not need to refresh SRAM memory for the information to be saved.

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