Meet the AREZ: Asus's answer to the battle between NVIDIA and AMD

The company's controversial plan Designed to prevent the same switching to GeForce models and models Brings the birth of a new gaming brand

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NVIDIA and its major marketing partners are at the center of a major storm over the past few weeks, originating from a new program called GPP or GeForce Partners Program, which is to provide assistance, For players who choose to make their brands exclusively for products , But the products are competing.

Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are just a few of the prominent names who have agreed to something draconian terms of And joined a program that would supposedly prevent the marketing of cards Under popular names like ROG and Aorus - but while MSI and Decided to completely eliminate any attempt to brand graphics cards from the red side of the map. Asus may take a more logical and efficient step to launch a new dedicated brand for these models.

Asus launched a number (Under the ARES brand in the past) ) - but here it seems to be a different type of work

According to information coming from a number of different points in the network, the Taiwanese manufacturer will introduce a brand called AREZ to replace the renowned name ROG (Republic of Gamers) - and perhaps even the name of Asus itself that will disappear from these products in favor of maximal removal of their models - Of all kinds. The models are expected to continue to belong to sub-brands such as Strix and Phoenix, but with another super brand and possibly a different design and other software tools to accompany them.

We still do not know whether the AREZ brand will turn into a reality rumor - but hope it's the direction of , And of other manufacturers

There is no doubt that the launch of such a new brand will require considerable investment from Asus and time to gain some recognition and appreciation from gamers, but it is a necessary investment in the long term to allow us to see the development of graphics cards worthy of the two core cores, regardless of the relationship between Side to side - with or without the limitations dictated by the GPP in question. We hope that other manufacturers will take an example from Assos, and will work to create interesting young brands with As the best answer to the problematic situation dictated to them.

Competition in the graphics card market has become more extreme with the introduction of the GPP program - but it is possible that consumers will eventually benefit from more interesting models and designs