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CeBIT Extreme Overclock - For addicts only

CeBIT Extreme Overclock - entrance to addicts only

It is no secret that the Overclocking industry is growing every year, and the underground Torah, which was known only to a few, has become a public domain, or at least a majority, in recent years. Even if you do not know the secrets of the process of speeding, you have probably heard the concept in the past and chose its meaning. With all the hardware vendors joining the revolution, and in particular thanks to the open support of Intel and AMD processor giants, Overclock is now a popular domain and popular among computer enthusiasts everywhere.
Hardware manufacturers have decided to jump on the wave and beyond the launch of media products, special drivers and BIOS versions whose sole purpose is to contribute to the acceleration effort, all discovered the potential of presenting the process itself openly. It turns out that a bunch of lunatics equipped with liquid nitrogen containers and trying to break world records in recognized performance tests is the best show in the city. From an exhibition to an exhibition we see more and more such 'Overclocking' stalls, and this year in Germany we certainly saw a climax when in one hall they tried to break world records in three different positions where the world's most famous overeklokers stood.

The move proved to be successful and throughout the exhibition it was almost impossible to approach the center of activity, due to the large crowd around the stands. In the hours after the official closing of the doors we continued to walk around the area and learned to know the guys. With red eyes and little tears, with almost no food or drink (except for occasional sweets that underwent a rapid freeze with liquid nitrogen), the teams continued their performance tests and tried to break world records by early morning. The ascetic ritual continues throughout the exhibition, and we have compiled some interesting pictures and important data for you.

In the Cooler Master booth, a huge system and equipment were placed on a podium that looked far away. On a huge LCD screen were published important results to which came the Overclocking.
The position was won by one of the well-known overclockers in the field, Steven Tyrou, who, along with a number of other people, conducted performance tests throughout the days and nights of the show. The record in 3DMark06 they did not break, but reached the absolutely impressive result of 27,318 points. This is the second-highest result in the Skulltrail platform that includes two core quad processors, with all of the cores together Stephen's team managed to rush to 5.25GHz, plus they used CrossFireX (which included two 3870 × 2 cards) under air cooling.

According to Stephen, thanks to the great processing power they came to (they were the only ones to use the Skullrail platform at the show), they were able to break the record in Cinebench. As of this writing, the Cooler Master group has no official data, so we can not post more information. Nevertheless, we have given you readers a small picture of the Happy Overlooker.

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