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Cooler Master TPC 812 - evaporates your competitors

The next hit of the market of curling?
Not long ago, we presented you with a series of advanced air coolers that many manufacturers have to offer in the field The processors, especially the chassis LGA1155 Popular. These coolers are equipped with many copper pipes and aluminum fans to efficiently and quickly capture the heat from the processor and fans to remove it.
In this review we are addressing the latest cry from the manufacturer of cooling solutions Cooler Master, God-TPC 812. It is The flag of Cooler Master As of today, she considers it the best she has ever had. The idea behind God-TPC 812 Is the addition of steam cells containing metallic fluid to accelerate transfer and heat dissipation from the bottom of the refrigerator.
Packaging and content
What's in the box:
  • Heat sink TPC 812 With a fan diameter 120 millimeters
  • Additional docking kit for 120 diameter millimeter
  • Docking kits for seats and-AMD
  • Thermal cream
  • Parts and installation guide for the user
ID - TPC 812:
  • Weight - 826 g
  • Length - 13.4 inches
  • Width - 7.4 inches
  • Height - 15.8 inches
  • Pipes - Six nickel-plated copper pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters, two nickel-plated vaporized tubes with a width of 12 millimeters.
  • Adjustment to residency - LGA 2011, 1366, 1155, 1156, 775
  • Adjustment to IDD - FM1, AM2, AM3 (+)

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6 תגובות

  1. For some reason CoolerMaster
    Refrain from accurately specifying the material that exists inside these tubes.

  2. Which of these tests? What is the actual temperature?!?
    Or at least tell me what was the temperature in the room .. What helps me the difference if the processor reached 90 degrees?!?

  3. Take a deep breath.
    Testing As a rule, the keratological tests and recognized standard is a Delta test of temperature differences. Room temperature is variable and therefore it is impossible to base a result pool on it.

    There's no way you'll know what your processor temperature will be with this cooling. No one is a prophet and does not know what package you have, what room temperature, airflow and components are close to cooling and heat emission. Just for this review came to give you a reference so that you know how the promotions perform against each other under the same conditions. Calm now?

  4. Type of liquid metal
    It is probably NaK, a liquid alloy at the room temperature used to transfer heat in the industry. The material has been previously used in exotic HSF.
    I guess it's not about mercury ...

  5. As a V8 owner, two questions
    1. Does this cooling system also require a dedicated fan?
    And can not accept an alternative like the V8.
    2. Would the replacement of the fan in this body also involve 4 hands and a half hour of curses who planned it?

    Yes yes I still have nightmares about replacing the V8 fan!

  6. Far from the V8
    Fans are standard 120 fans and millimeters, their installation is very simple and does not require 4 hands

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