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Corsair introduces fans with innovative magnetic levitation based cooling

The veteran hardware company is introducing a new line of fans to the home market, based on Magnetic Levitation technology

Company Introducing its latest innovation - fans based on "magnetic levitation" technology (Maglev).

Magnetic levitation means the use of magnetic deferral force to fix any metallic object without touching it. The most common use of technology is in magnetic trains, but it also has many advantages in hardware, such as minimizing the friction between the blades of a computer fan and the rotor.

The new series of Corsair

Fans based on technology tend to be quieter even when the rate of revolutions per minute increases, and extend life in front of standard fans. It should be noted that the use of Maglev technology for cooling solutions is nothing new, but It is among the first companies to offer solutions based on home market users. The company also claims its fans are "uniquely designed" because they have rubber walls.

The new fan series Launched yesterday And includes several models that are subdivided into ML and ML PRO sub-series. The advanced model, ML120, reaches up to 2400 RPM and pushes airflow of 75 CFM. The main drawback of the new fans, to date, is their high price tag. However, this is the first swallow to announce the trend for Maglev fans to become a home user.


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  1. I bought 4 from PRO without overseas for a new computer that I was building with NZXT MANTA and cooling KRAKEN X61 to PUSHPULL.

    By the way, I got a little less than 490 for direct conversion. Not a bad price considering the VAT is 27%.

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