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ECS PF21 Extreme

ECS PF21 Extreme

An important fact that many are not aware of is that ECS is actually the largest manufacturer of home computer motherboards in the world, but, of course, being the largest manufacturing company does not guarantee quality. To be exact, we note that ECS is the largest manufacturer, but it does not develop most of its boards in its factories. The panels manufactured at ECS factories are actually designed in the development centers of much better known companies like ABIT and Dell. ECS is in fact the "black worker" of the home computer industry when it does the hard work of the printed circuit board, while the board design work produced by other companies, who then sell the boards under their own brand.

Over the years we have witnessed ECS attempts to break into the motherboard field and design motherboards themselves to compete with the more well-known companies. At ECS, they chose to start with more budget boards, grab from the bottom and conquer the market. These initial boards competed with the cheapest boards of the major manufacturers and other "cheap" manufacturers like PC-Chips and PC-Partner. As is well known, the competition was short because ECS boards were classified as highly unreliable and in line with the cheapest boards on the market, which attracted only knowledgeable buyers (due to their cost) and large organizations whose cost is the most important feature.

About a year ago there were rumors that ECS was trying to buy one of the most important and successful manufacturers in the field of quality tables - ABIT. As far as we know, this acquisition has not been successful, but has hinted at ECS's move to try and fit in any way among the leading manufacturers in the market today.
With a strong financial backing behind it, the company has re-launched its development centers to create the best and most exclusive boards for platforms based on both Intel processors and processors . The first "new" boards on display at this year's prestigious Computex show in Taiwan pointed to the company's transformation and the market's onslaught.

The panel before us uses the 925XE chipset. This Intel kit is one of the highest quality assessments the company makes for its processors, and the use of this chipset by ECS indicates a change in approach - no more inexpensive chipset chips but quality kits from the leading manufacturers, from the first line

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