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ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid

ECS is known as a motherboard manufacturer which is um…, the political term correct is 'market value oriented'. But the upcoming board, ECS's PF88 Extreme Hybird, is a pleasant surprise. True, in terms of performance it is somewhere in the end, but only a small difference is that it is currently the only motherboard in the world (to my knowledge), since the days of the K6 3, which also supports the Pentium 4 processor in the "LGA 775" socket) 775 is not exactly a socket but contacts) and the Athlon 64 processors in the 939 socket. ECS did this by using the PCIe x16 card on which the processor sits, with a built-in LGA775 socket in the motherboard. In theory, any processor on the above board can be used with the right adapter. Indeed, ECS is working on a card for Athlon64 on the 754 jack and Pentium 4 processors on the 478 jack.
The board is based on SiC's chipset, 656 North Bridge and 965 Southern Bridge for the Pentium 4 processor when the A95 (Athlon 64 S939) adapter uses the 756 North Bridge and the existing South Bridge on the board. In addition, the board contains a large amount of features including SATA 2, PCIe, firewire, 1Gbps network card, 8 audio channels (though probably not high quality) and also includes a favorite feature with a WiFi option 802.11g USB with USB extension cable plus Payment of 15 Pounds (approximately 120). The adapter, A95, is not included in Bendel and costs 31 pounds (about NIS 240).
Hexus took a sample board for review and was impressed, the reading is highly recommended.



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