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GIGABYTE EX58- - A new overclocker around

After the dust settles left behind by the Intel Core i7 processors after their introduction, and after getting a little used to their presence in the market (though not to their prices), we are reviewing another motherboard for the Core i7 processors, this time produced by GIGABYTE. Those of you who are looking for a reminder about the features of the new Intel platform will do well to review The architecture of management Which reviews the innovations and features that make the architecture a leader in the current performance market. The series of processors launched with the i7 is designed for the performance market and uses the LGA1366 socket. The motherboards that are suitable for these processors are based on an expensive chipset, turn to the high market segment and contain features and additions accordingly, so it is naturally the most expensive panels that can be found.
The global recession and its signals in the consumer world certainly do not benefit the sales of expensive processor-based systems -i7 However, since technology is business and not economics, we will concentrate on the technical side of the board and leave the rest to you, the readers.

The board we are testing is GA-EX58-Extreme, the most powerful and prestigious in the X58 series of , A company with a long standing reputation in the motherboards market, which has recently been developing a special line of motherboards for obelisks. This trend began with the DQ6 series and recently some of the company's boards (for the first time also those with the P45 kit) have received the addition of 'Extreme' which indicates that the board is for overclocking, and comes with liquid cooling preparation.

At present, GIGABYTE offers no less than seven 58 motherboards on its product line, with the EX58-Extreme as the most expensive and most similar to the EX58-UD5 board, which is distinguished mainly from cooler cooling.
The performance of X58 boards we already know Reviewing the MSI Eclipse Which we have done in the past and therefore we do not expect special surprises, but we will try to focus on the characteristics of the board and of course comparing its performance to those of the other panels examined here in the past.

The price of the board abroad is over 300 $, the price typical of X58 properties-sloped boards, and in Israel the price is in the NIS 1700 area. As mentioned, this is not a cheap board, but it does contain a host of features that will speak to the hardware enthusiast, but for the most part, most users are not needed.

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