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FX-53 .VS. Pentium 4 3.40GHz Extreme Edition.

Most of us are interested from time to time in everything that happens in the computer market, from a new processor to a new one, to a new chipset. A good example of this is the new processor AMD God-FX53, We all know that most readers of the site can not afford such a processor, yet most of us are interested in its performance.

But which of the two is stronger? Which of them would we buy if we had 1000 bucks? The site SimHQ Did the job for us and looked for answers to the above questions. The site took the flagships of AMD and-Intel, On the one hand AMD The site took, of course,FX53, And on the other Intel are you-Pentium 4 3.40GHz Extreme Edition.

The processors have been tested in a number of high-performance Benchmarking and gaming software, the differences between the processors are a bit blurry and the obvious winner probably still is not.

For comparison

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