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G.Skill in new RipJawsZ Memories for all requires

Company G.Skill One of the leading and most prominent in the field of fast memory, expands my family RipjawsZ Award-winning with no less than fifteen sets DDR3Extremely fast

chassis LGA2011 Comes back to life and there are those who give her oxygen, G.Skill Expanded the family of well-known memories with memories adapted to the "i7 של The desktop processors section Ivy Bridge And chipset boards X79.
The "RipjawsZ The extended protocol breaks all conventions and brings the God-DDR3 To the limit with extreme frequency of 2933 Megahertz to the 16 (gigabyte)GB4X4) and a frequency of 2666 MHz to the 64 GigaByteGB8X8), frequencies to them though Has not yet reached.

In the testing laboratories of the company G.Skill Managed to reach the maximum and stable frequency of 3000 Under the air cooler, the experiments were performed with the help of the Extreme processor i7-4960X של , A terrifying panel of God-ASUS Rampage IV Extreme And the 16 gigabyte set of G.Skill Series RipijawsZ The new.

כל The company comes with lifetime warranty and support if needed, with impressive data that is no wonder -G.Skill Will guarantee its products.


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  1. Ram prices are not falling
    They've been frozen at the same price level for the past two years - 4 Giga sticks have risen above 8 - unlike the hard-nosed prices that have almost dropped before flooding -Ram has no reason not to decline, I think only next year when DDR1000 should see a drop in prices ... ..

  2. Who needs a memory so fast?
    Technological advancements are good, but what benefits does memory give me so far-fetched? The bottleneck has long been gone.

  3. To 6: These are not for mobile
    They drink a lot of electricity, come in crazy volumes, and probably warm up quite a bit too. It's best to make sure that the entire Ultrebook runs on GDDR5 like the PS4, and lowers a frequency that won't overheat.
    Not that memory is what limits those who play games on Intel's built-in, but come on.

  4. What is equal?
    With moisture if not supported quickly above 16600MHZ
    It is already considered in terms of the board as OC and then the board raises the voltage of the memory automatically and not every board that supports 2000MHZ is unable to work in 1600MHZ because it is considered as OC it also eliminates the management and power saving software in the board I do not understand why the humidity could not Straightforward to support the full speed of memory without having to change the bite settings of the board because anyone who doesn't understand can cause problems why it works in such a way

  5. This series is very high quality, I have two computers
    I bought from the US. In expensive country missiles do not come close

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