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G.Skill launches quick overclocking memories

Memories Maker G.Skill Recently launched theRipjawsX: Modules RAM Volume 4GB type DDR3 Which can operate at a clock speed of about2.3GHz, And specifically designed to work with theSandy Bridge Of Intel

The memories she launched G.Skill Although recently (almost) rapid (like)HyperX Launched by Kingston Last year, however however compared The vast volumes of memories The company launched last July - it can be said to be down a step. However, various reviews and reports published throughout the network indicate that although theRipjawsX They are not the fastest in the world or even outstanding in volume - their main advantage is that they are Are very good value To the Overclocks among us, who want to bring their system to maximum performance.

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This is a dual set of memories designed to work with PlatformP67 של Configuration Dual-Channel Total volume of 8GB, Which can reach a maximum clock speed of about2.3GHz, In timing CL9 And tension 1.65V.

"Memory SeriesRipjawsX Gives users particularly impressive overclocking capabilities, as the high memory clock speed makes them the ultimate choice when purchasing high-end gaming and workstation computing systems, " said Michael Chow, director of development and research at the company G.Skill.
It should be noted that soon the company will also market kits In larger volumes of 16GB and 48GB, but these estimates were blessed with a lower clock speed of 1900MHz To -2200MHz. According to reports, all the memories from the new series of G.Skill Will be equipped with a fan, with purchasers enjoying lifetime warranty - all at a cost of about € 20 per set.8GB.

The bottom line, even if the series of memories in question is not a technological breakthrough - the fact that these are quality memories that are almost entirely comparable to the world's fastest memories at such a low price is welcome, so all we have left is to hope that the memory prices will continue to plummet over time.


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