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GeForce GTX 965M Launched: Portable Mobile Gaming for Everyone? Not sure

Quietly, Has launched a third model in its new series of cards for laptops - 2.0 also for those who are not interested in nintendo gaming

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While we wait impatiently for the intended launch of The GeForce GTX 960 desktop (And its powerful Ti versions), NVIDIA is ahead of time and making a modest launch to a new mobile card that answers the name GeForce GTX 965M.

Contrary to what we expect for the stationary GTX 960, the GeForce GTX 965M card is based on the same GM204 core as all its older brothersThe GTX 980, the GTX 970, The GTX 980M and the GTX 970M) - although this time we have dealt with 8 SMM units featuring 1,024 CUDA cores in total, which operate at a maximum standard frequency of 924MHz (plus Boost frequency not ported) parallel to memory 2GB or 4GB with 128 bit interface and effective 5GHz frequency.

The end result is a model that is supposed to tell about 75% performance The GeForce GTX 970M, Similar to those of the GTX 870M of the previous generation and performance greater than 30 GTX 860M, which is the most advanced mobile video card that can be found today outside dedicated gaming (and expensive accordingly).



According to the data currently known to us, the GTX 965M may also provide us with an early glimpse into the future performance of the GTX. GTX 960 to be launched later this month

Will the GTX 965M take over the GTX 860M as a model that provides advanced graphics capabilities (and gaming capabilities) in "standard" models with competitive price tags? In the meantime it did not look that way - the GTX 965M came up with a number of new models of MSI, Gigabyte (via the AORUS brand) and Schenker which are all branded as products for . However, with an estimated thermal envelope of about 50 watts thanks to its efficient architecture, the GTX 965M seems to have all the features needed to reach mainstream handsets - so we'll stick our fingers to the fact that this will happen, further down the road.



MSI's GE62 Apache-002 is one of the first laptops to contain the GTX 965M, but with a starting price tag of 1,400 dollars - not really in the meantime "gaming For all who demand "


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  1. This graphics core is one of the great achievements of the graphics world right now. I guess and there is a very high chance that its DNA will be based on the 960 GTX.
    For an 50 watts heat shell, which I guess is actually expressed to 40W during play, you get graphics power similar to the GTX 660, even north of it.

  2. I don't know, in their poster it says that the improvement is 60%, I would also take 30% :)

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