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GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be launched soon: monstrous, but lucrative?

The younger brother of the X is expected to land this summer, with near-identical specifications - and a seemingly lucrative price tag

We have not yet calmed down From the launch of the GeForce GTX Titan X About ten days ago, he suggested Unprecedented performance Single core cardBut also a price tag that he was very keen to recommend in the face of the alternatives), And it seems that the talk is already starting on who will continue his path.

According to recent reports, NVIDIA may repeat its steps from the Kepler generation and launch a product that will be very similar to its flagship card - but at a more attractive price. In the previous generation, it was the GTX 780 Ti launched a little less than six months after the original GTX Titan, and this time it looks like it will be the GTX 980 Ti, which will The Titan X is irrelevant Only a few months after it was launched.

So what will the GeForce GTX 980 Ti give us? It looks like this will be another model that will offer the new and larger GM200 core with full exclusion, with 3,074 CUDA units deployed to 24 SMM clusters, and alongside 192 texture units and 96 restoration export units. The GTX 980 Ti will offer half of the Titan X's memory volume, "only" 6GB of GDDR5 memory at the same effective 7GHz operating frequency (which should still be enough for the vast majority of existing uses around the world) - with the big surprise of the new model being made Be working frequencies that are about 125MHz (base and turbo) higher than those of the Titan X, and can give it Are slightly better than those of the monster in 1,000 dollars.

Estimated GeForce GTX 980 Ti data, compared to current NVIDIA models Source:
Estimated GeForce GTX 980 Ti data, compared to the current in-house models Source:

If that's not enough, the price of the GTX 980 Ti should be significantly lower than that of the Titan X - probably $ 700, much like the GTX 780 Ti at launch, which could make it a real alternative to the GTX 980 with extra Which justifies the extra price, at least for those who can afford it.

It is currently unclear whether the GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be launched this summer, or if a little later - on the face of it, the timing of the launch seems to depend mainly on the volume of Titan X sales and the launch date of rival AMD's intended models, Which would be able to give a proper fit to both GTX 980 and Titan X And we were careful Pull out the heavy cannon.

The GM200 core is on the way to proving that it is not only very powerful - but also lucrative, relatively


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  1. They start to interfere with AMD dude. But at this rate for AMD in the summer will be called Samsung in general.

  2. The Samsung sale may give AMD confidence they didn't have before, which explains the postponement of the R9 390X launch in June, two months after the TITAN X launch, in the kind of "bomb as many as you can Nvidia, because we have a rich uncle, and a sleeve."

  3. It does not sound logical that the difference will be only in memory, it makes more sense that the difference will be the same as between the 980 and 970 (ie difference in CUDA cores, ROPs, etc.). By the way, the table is not so updated, 970 has no 64 ROPs.
    You should keep in mind that AMD manufactures many components at globalfoundries and this should be the option to create in 14nm (partnering with Samsung), this rejection may be designed to take out stronger cards than planned (and most cards will be new and not REBRAND as they initially said).

  4. In terms of performance, is it similar to Titan X or 980? If in the summer they bring out a new set of cards then why buy it now?

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