GeForce GTX Titan X - Performance

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The new monster of Meets expectations - and presents capabilities that make it the most powerful single-screen graphics card in the market. And what about the price? He, too, will be "sane."

About two weeks after his limited exposure And only a few days before we are due to receive a full official launch at NVIDIA's annual conference, and the network is already available Several Early performance tests עבור The GeForce GTX Titan X - The new, expensive and advanced video card that takes off Maxwell 2.0 architecture To the top edge.

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So what exactly is all the fuss about? According to the results, the Titan X easily bypasses the network The Titan Black (Also NVIDIA, of course) and grabs the performance bench for a single-core graphics card - as it approaches and even bypasses in some cases The Titan Z וThe Radeon R9 295 × 2 Dual-core (!), And also features impressive speed capabilities, a very good SLI array performance and power consumption similar to that of The GeForce GTX 780 Ti And only slightly higher than that of the .



Most of the results that are currently based on synthetic performance tests and not on the performance of the game or practical calculation, so we will probably have to wait a little longer to get a full picture really - but on the face, the Titan X successfully proves that leapfrogging the great architecture of the - The 2.0 is preserved (and even intensified) in large cores and extended thermal envelopes.


300 percentage improvement in array performance Of four cards - and even more so after the rush


As for the price of The Titan X - Early rumors prior to the exposure spoke of an even higher price (north of the $ 1,300) than the previous single-core models of the Titan family, but it now appears that NVIDIA will continue the tradition and give the new card the same price tag of 999 Dollar "only". It is not yet clear whether these reports will actually materialize, but if so, the Titan X will probably make the existence of The Titan Black, The Titan Z וThe Radeon R9 295 × 2 Totally unnecessary, at least in their current price tags.



All we can do is congratulate NVIDIA on the achievement, and hold our fingers That AMD will present an appropriate response as soon as possible - because now the graphics processing market is starting to feel a bit like a horse race.

Do-to- Will there be an answer to this monster?