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The most exaggerated to this day? Get to know the video card with a built-in LCD screen

We got used to getting crazy products from Chinese Colorful, but its new iGame model probably breaks all records

Who will be the most extreme GeForce RTX 2080 Ti?

The first documentation of GALAX's Hall of Fame model makes it clear to us that the designs of the graphics cards are going to become more extroverted and exaggerated than ever before in the new generation

AMD Launches Video Cards for the Middle Market

HD 6950 card with limited memory and high speed 6870 HD cards

ATI: New graphics cards for the middle market

ATI announced the mid-market HD 4600 series, which promises high performance at a low price

VIA chipsets with support for two video cards

New Via VIA chipsets with support for two x-NXUMX PCI-E slots for working with two video cards simultaneously

The next generation of Radeon: computational learning without restraint

The Vega architecture moves to 7 nanometer with impressive performance and capabilities - for servers and professionals in the first stage

OTES repeats the new ABIT video cards

Back in the days of the cheerful Geforce4 Ti ABIT introduced a cooling solution for its graphics cards, this solution is called OTES. The nVidia video card manufacturer saw that ...

First look at AMD's Radeon 390 and 390X video cards?

A pair of video cards with data that does not match the current video card models have sprung up on the network - is this the next generation AMD is preparing for us?

AMD is furious, we all enjoy (updated)

The chip developer launched its new generation of graphics cards in a loud voice and surprised everyone with a dual-core Fuji-based model and even a tiny Nano model designed to eliminate the GeForce GTX 970

Samsung is the one that will stop the price frenzy of the graphics cards?

Perhaps this will stop the price frenzy? Samsung confirms that it has begun mass production of self-developed cryptographic coin-based chips

NVIDIA pamper us with the most powerful graphics card in the world for games and price cuts

Are the new products from AMD beginning to affect the world of graphic processing, before they even reached store shelves? Let's decide for yourself

EVGA launches virtual reality video cards

The US manufacturer is starting to sell a new version for the GTX 980 Ti, with a front-end plug-in aimed at the fake reality glasses on the way

Time to catch up: New NVIDIA and AMD video card drivers

The chip keys are ready to provide you support for the new titles that are on their way to the network and to the stores

Coming much closer to video cards? Samsung expands its mass production to HBM2

Memories with a very wide interface that are built on the graphic core graphics card chassis may become much more popular in the near future

Now is the right time, probably: NVIDIA promises us a GeForce celebration on 20 in August

The chipmaker plans to hold a media event with its gaming brand mark the day before the Gamescom exhibition begins - and this will probably be the long-awaited exposure of next-generation video cards

AMD Launches New Generation Graphics Cards For Mobile Devices

AMD's new GCN architecture also reaches laptops, purporting to pick the crown of performance from NVIDIA

Get ready: The GeForce RTX 2080 comes in 20 in August

After introducing us to the innovative Turing architecture in the quadro cards, we seem to be a very short distance from introducing the first gaming model to use technology

The launch and the disappointment: The Radeon 300 series leaves everyone in the loop

AMD's new series of graphics cards (for the middle market?) Has been launched, and it seems that various critics also have trouble deciding whether this is a good update or an ugly attempt to derail the players

Old cores, new production technology: More details on Radeon RX 500

AMD's new generation of graphics cards will come a little late, but should offer us a wider range and upgraded efficiency to justify its existence

NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX Titan X Card (Updated)

The green maker is not waiting for the AMD competitor to display an updated and upgraded version of the most powerful card in its GeForce family - see the big GM200 core in action for the first time

MSI's GeForce GTX 980 Ti Lightning card has been unveiled

One of the most recognized and advanced brands in the graphics card market is finally adopting NVIDIA's most advanced GTX model. Will we have a new performance king?

Thanks to the new production processes: The dedicated video card market is booming

Achieving higher-quality, more efficient performance at the same cost, coupled with cryptographic mining popularity, continues to be felt in the PC world

Watch: NVIDIA's MFAA technology premiere

The latest version of the NVIDIA driver, in the 344.75 version, finally enables the use of MFAA technology in the company's new GM204 core-based cards

ASUS Redesigns Graphics Cards

The company is launching an additional video card based on ReverseCool technology

New Performance Bar? New information about the new AMD graphics cards

New details on AMD's Radeon 3XX series of cards reveal the company's interesting strategy on the way to re-conquering the market