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Meet the AREZ: Asus's answer to the battle between NVIDIA and AMD

NVIDIA's controversial plan to prevent the same branding for the GeForce and Radeon models brings about the birth of a new gaming brand

Not Pending: First laptop with GeForce GTX 1080M available for early purchase

Scandinavian Mobile Gaming Provider Introduces First Model with NVIDIA's Next Generation NVIDIA Mobile Video Card, and provides us with confirmation of some of the reports on its features and planned launch date

Polaris to the masses: More details about AMD's new generation of graphics cards

A new presentation gives us more details about the Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 cores, which are determined to revolutionize the cost-benefit ratio of the graphics processing market

Will a new generation of NVIDIA video cards be unveiled within a few hours? (Updated)

The disappearance of the entire stock of GeForce cards on the official website of the chip developer reinforces the estimates that the GTC conference that begins today will serve as the stage for a large announcement

It is probably the most powerful laptop in the world

The new flagship model of Eurocom may be stretching the term 'mobile' to the extreme, but it can provide capabilities that most stationary computers can only dream of

These are GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and GeForce RTX 2080

The network simply can not resist - and is already providing us with information about the graphics cards from the many market makers that will be based on the new Turing architecture

Now it's already official: Radeon R9 390X on the way, and it will be monstrous

Slides leaked from an official release presentation reveal everything you need to know about AMD's new flagship product: unprecedented bandwidth memory, water cooling and tremendous performance

The innovative HBM memories go into high gear

After a successful debut on the AMD Fury cards, JEDEC confirms the new device for faster and more advanced graphics memories, and Samsung is officially entering the race alongside SK Hynix

NVIDIA's new graphics cards: all the details we've known so far

The fearsome GP100 core will probably only be received next year, but its little sister who will try to capture the world of graphics cards in a few months

Return of the Bitcoin and his friends: Radeon RX cards are taken off the shelves

Did you think the home-made crypto coin market went to sleep? Think again. The rise in the price of Bitcoin and of competing currencies is causing a large demand for new video cards from the red manufacturer

NVIDIA has two billion reasons to celebrate

The generation of new video cards and successes in the professional world provide the chip developer with unprecedented success

Countdown: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti comes

We expected this a few months ago and we were disappointed, but this time it seems that we will finally get to know a new king in the home graphics processing market

Absolute Madness: The EVGA has managed to run the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at an unbelievable frequency

Did you think the speed of the 2 GHz is almost imaginary for video cards? Think again that the American manufacturer is setting a new standard for extreme speeding

Weak graphics belong to the past opinion

Do we need those weak graphics cards when purchasing a computer? Why are they trying to push us? On built-in graphics cores and what's around

Video Cards: This will be the next generation of NVIDIA

The pot of speculation starts to brew and we run our own simulations - what will the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards look like?

Early exposure? A computer site offers a look at the prices of AMD's new generation of graphics cards

AMD has already revealed the price of 200 dollars to the base model of the Radeon RX 480, but what about the RX470, RX460 and the advanced version of the RX 480? A German online store may be the answers we are looking for

Next generation at the door: the core of the GeForce GTX 1080 smiles to the camera

A new image leaked to the net and offers a clear close-up to the next NVIDIA graphics card core with new generation memory chips

Great performance and outrageous pricing - all GeForce RTX details in one place

Last night, NVIDIA launched a series of video cards and redefined the world of gaming - we have assembled for you the technical details and prices of tomorrow's graphics world

Radeon R9 390X Versus GeForce GTX 980 Ti: The battle has already started

AMD and NVIDIA are poised to battle giants with new monstrous video cards to compete for the new performance peak

Hardware Components at a Price You Should Never Miss, Only Today in Amazon (Updated)

Video cards, SSD drives and more are available for purchase at very low prices, only up to the next 24 hours

AMD 2020: A chip developer introducing vision until the end of the decade

The chip developer has detailed plans for the next five years - and the APU chips are the main ingredient in them, after all

Rumor has it: GeForce GTX 1180 next month

After several rounds of reports and assessments that did not deliver the goods, the latest estimates say we will receive a new home-front card in mid-June

The countdown is already here: NVIDIA's new generation of Pascal cards will be unveiled this coming Saturday

The wait is nearing completion: NVIDIA has launched a viral advertising campaign, in anticipation of exposure of the first Pascal models in just under three days

Fast versions of AMD's powerful video cards at the door

Soon, video card manufacturers will launch their new versions of the R9 290X and R9 290

Celebration at NVIDIA: A new supercomputer based on the GP100 cores

The company's most powerful core from Santa Clara will serve as the basis for creating the world's most powerful system for artificial intelligence development