GTX 780 Ti GHz Review: Graphic power you did not know

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This is the time of year, my favorite if you ask me. The heavy part of the winter in the doorway and in the hardware world affairs are reaching their peak as at the end of every civil year. I brought you the storm generator.
This time it is time to focus on the most powerful of NVIDIA, Again. This time is slightly different from the previous months in the last few months, because it is about exhausting the absolute capabilities of this generation, I will explain.
Core Kepler She is her You'll find today in any new video card NVIDIA. Starting from-GTX 650 To the most advanced models in the series GTX 700. The same composition appears in different quantities and thus the graphic strength is different in the core.
First it was GTX 680 Who made his debut, then formed his little brothers based on the same core and then is a month in line GTX 770 When it is a subject Graphic faster.
Then began to use NVIDIA At the core of the great mother, GK110 And its larger parts made the GTX TITAN and you GTX 780 When TITAN Constitutes 92.5 Percent of the full core andGTX 780 Uses 75 percent of it. When these video cards were launched, they displayed impressive graphics power and played the competition with their younger siblings.

This time, it's time for the whole GK110 core to get out of the workstations on the world's most expensive servers, take off the tailored suits and wear casual clothes, it's time for games.

Core GK110 של NVIDIA Is a graphic core produced in the 28 nanometer process. It contains 2880 United, 15 sets of 192 . The same processors are connected to 6 controllers In 64-bit volume to a bandwidth of 384 bit total.
The video card in today's critique is what happens when production processes reach total perfection. Is what happens when you push the world's strongest graphic core to the limit of mass marketing. Today the monster's turn is there Geforce GTX 780 Ti Ghz Edition Windforce.
Them 2880 In the United States, you will find operators at a frequency of 876 MHz each 780 GTX Ti simple. Here it inflated Gigabyte The basic operating frequency to 1085 MHz. Usually the nickname Ghz Edition Is found on the graphics cards that carry 1000 MHz as the core operating frequency, here it is borderline because of the respectable addition even above this frequency.
Graphical memory type GDDR5 Running at a frequency of 1750 MHz, you will do this four channels on the 384 bit controller and you have received bandwidth Graphic of 336 gigabytes per second. The volume of memory is lower than that of theGTX TITAN And stands for 3 gigabytes
From the name of the graphics card can be understood that is the theme God-Windforce X3 The popular Gigabyte. Here you will find it in its most advanced version yet to be seen. This of course, plus Serious over 20 percent of the core graphics frequency from the factory. It is important to note that the base frequency of the 1085 MHz is not very current considering the automatic turbo boost capability that raises it in games above the 1200 megahertz line.
Without going on about too much, let's get to this amazing piece of hardware.