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HD4770: First Pictures

With the coming launch of the card, the first images were exposed for him, in addition to technical details and performance.

after the HD4830 Radeon He had a hard time replacing it The NVIDIA 88009800GT, AMD needed a new program. The price range of less than 100 per unit (consumer final price) is especially important for the company, she says, because the price range for low-cost computer players, on which most of the profits of both companies are based. This need is met by the HD4770, which will probably launch on 4 in May.

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Technically, the card continues in several directions in which the company has gone in the past: one is the production process of the 40 nanometer it has experienced The company with the core of the RV740, Which was used as Mobility Radeon HD4860 and HD4830. Another direction that the company went with is the card GDDR5 memory. Because a memory controller with a width greater than 256 bit increases the production costs of the card, AMD went with the original HD4870 on a GDDRXNUMM 5 bit memory controller and GDDR256 memory, Whose speed and bandwidth provide cover on a narrower memory controller. The same thing happened with the upcoming HD4770: in terms of bandwidth to memory the same as the HD4830 card, but different in terms of memory structure: less chips, double speed, and a half-width memory controller. Thus, higher processing power is achieved on a cheaper, more energy-efficient card.

Card exposed
Boil the card
Test results
(source: techPowerUp)

In terms of performance, the exercise succeeded. Despite the same bandwidth as memory, the increased frequency of the core as a result of the smaller production process gives us a performance card that is only less than 5 percent To HD4850. A happy improvement is the issue of card cooling, which for years has been a little problematic in the video cards of the . After nearly 6 minutes with software called FurMark, which, besides checking the performance of the card (as the name suggests) is considered the most cruel in terms of heating and loading the card, the card reached only 72 degrees, using only 42 percent of the fan capacity.

One unclear topic remains with the card: its name. In terms of performance, the card costs its predecessor, the HD4830, making it more logical if it were called HD4840, for example, or HD4835. This choice of May confuse customers who want to buy the newest product, and possibly the most profitable from the company.

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