HWzone wishes its surfers a happy Independence Day! • HWzone

HWzone wishes its surfers a happy Independence Day!

After the departure of Memorial Day for fallen soldiers - a day in which we remember all those who gave their lives in order to preserve our country and defend its existence, we are turning to the celebration of Independence Day 58 for the State , The same country in which 22,123 soldiers fell on its defense.
In the unique transition from designer to joy, the HWzone team is happy to wish all users of the site and every home Happy Independence Day, I wish we had more countless days like this - have a happy and peaceful Independence Day :)

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  1. Happy holiday to everyone!
    Have everyone a happy holiday, as much as possible after the quick transition from Memorial Day to Independence Day. :)
    Do a lot about the fire because it is the most Israeli custom and the only one the Israelis do care about: P

    ** And remember one thing, one fool enough to burn an entire forest. **
    Happy holiday

  2. Happy Holidays to all forum members and some words
    I want to say that I also share in the sorrows of the lost families who lost someone in the army
    And for those killed by terrorists
    I say again I am in your sorrows and have been strong
    May she be blessed

    Anyway, happy holiday to all members of the Forum and the Equal Families
    In short, for all of Israel

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