Internet Explorer 10 has been in line with Microsoft

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Internet Explorer 9? Old news. Microsoft is already showing a demo version of their next browser

If you thought Firefox was the only browser to win To a process of renewed and more vigorous development than ever before, You will be happy (or surprised) to hear that Microsoft is not stagnant eitherAlready viewing an earlier version of Internet Explorer 10, Just a month after the launch of Internet Explorer 9.
This fast transition between the browser versions is especially surprising considering that Internet Explorer 7 came out about six years after Internet Explorer 6 and 8 version of the browser 7 version separated almost three years, but it seems that Microsoft is already aware of the competition in the browser market, Weight "as Firefox and-, And understand that without innovations at a rapid pace they will not be able to continue to control the field.

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Microsoft chose to present the new version to its browser at the 2011 MIX developer conference that took place between 12 and 14 in April in Las Vegas, with an early demo version of the browser presented to visitors while running on a system Windows 8 And beyond Type 2 - sounds like the end of days in the computer world, but it seems like it's a combination we need to get used to hearing about.
The 10 version of Internet Explorer displays some refreshing innovations like gradients, multi-columns, and the Flexible Box in CSS3 and more, all of which you can already experience for yourself, as this demo version of the technologies offered by Internet Explorer 10 Available for download.

Until six months ago,
This combination seemed impossible
If you use 7,
You can experiment with new browser innovations right now

The proposed demo version also revealed that Internet Explorer 10 will not work on Vista (but only on 7, and subsequent versions), thus joining the Vista-to- XP, which did not support Explorer 9, in the "Outposted Section" of .

The fact that the Internet Explorer 10 demo was performed on 8 raises a reasonable suspicion that we may see it coming into the market in quite a while - perhaps next year, although it is always possible to hope for a surprise on the part of . Either way, it seems that Microsoft has also decided to increase the pace with regard to their browser, and it seems that users will only benefit from it.

You are welcome to download the demo version and try it yourself, or watch the demo video from the MIX 2011, enjoy: