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Prime Day 2019 Deals: Personal computers everywhere

Want to go for the jackpot? Amazon will also allow you to innovate on a variety of laptops and landlines at unmatched cost

Laptop & Video Cards: Network Hardware Deals (updated)

A fresh inventory of interesting products at great prices awaits you in online stores

Computer gaming at a great price: the hardware operations on the network

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase mobile gaming with a hexagonal processor and a GeForce GTX 1060 card at a discount of $ 200 from the standard price - and ultra-large microSD cards

Upgrading to Luxury: HP introduces the fourth generation of the EliteBook x360

The popular hybrid business of the American manufacturer will now come with ever brighter screens and NVMe drives in increased volumes

Great power for laptops - Ice Lake at 10 nm smiles for camera

Intel at Computex 2019: Here are the generation of 10 nanometer processors that will be launched this summer for lightweight laptops - Meet the Ice Lake

Meet the monsters of Asus: powerful gaming machines surprisingly surprising weight

The Taiwanese hardware maker is launching a new series of new Intel Core i9-based gaming machines - including one special for it we certainly did not expect

Introducing the MuscleBook: eight cores for ultra-mobile laptops

The chip giant announces a new series of processors for laptops that want a large amount of processing power - Meet the Core 9th Gen for Notebooks

Maximum screen: Asus's new ZenBook S13 is breaking records

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new laptop boasts a screen that is 97 percent of its overall dimensions - and the price is upscale accordingly

The same price, double the number of cores: Microsoft upgraded the Surface Book 2

The advanced hybrid mobile is now available in a base version with a modern quad-core chip - while a dual-core version gets a price drop

Advanced to Whiskey: ASUS is updating the ZenBook 14

New processors and up-to-date configurations are now available for the Taiwanese compact manufacturers

Acer Launches: Easy Business Mobile

The Taiwanese manufacturer provides an interesting competition for the LG Gram models with a product with an 14 screen and a total weight of less than one kilogram

A small glimpse into a new generation of mobile

A familiar Twitter teller provides us with documentation of a future PC - Intel's ninth generation Core processor and an NVIDIA

Another attempt to challenge Apple: Huawei launches a good and affordable 13 notebook

With three-core Whiskey Lake chips, an NVIDIA video card and a price tag that starts with 1,000 dollars - the new Matebook 13 is probably one of the most interesting premium handsets on CES 2019

AMD attacks the chromoboys

In an unexpected and surprising step, we are getting new-old Excavator processors designed to be very basic and inexpensive laptops with Google's operating system

GeForce RTX cards break the performance limits of laptops

A laptop more powerful than a large desktop computer with a GeForce GTX 1080 video card? From the end of the month it will no longer be a fantasy but a reality

Are the GeForce RTX mobile cards on the way to formal exposure?

Will the forthcoming CES show be the stage for launching Mobility RTX cards - alongside the GeForce RTX 2060 desktop?

Lenovo is inadvertently unveiling Intel's next generation of mobile processors

The ninth generation will come to the mobile market as a replacement for the Whiskey Lake models that have just begun to appear in stores

The MacBook Pro is now even more expensive

AMD's new Radeon Pro cards are officially added to Apple's upgrade offerings - and prices are not cheap at all

Upgrade or lower? The new MacBook Air lags behind the iPad Pro

Apple's choice of an ultra-low-cost dual-core Intel processor for its new laptops and a jump in the initial price of the $ 200 is causing quite a bit of consumer wonder - especially if you compare the offerings to the powerful tablets

The cheapest Alienware mobile is on its way to the stores

The new Dell compact and lightweight m15 will win a version with a quad-core Core i5 processor that will allow it to be slightly more accessible than any other gaming brand

Google in the way of Microsoft

Google has its own new high-end tablet running a Chrome OS based on Intel chips - and will require you to pay separately for keyboard coverage and a compatible touch pen

Leather instead of metal: HP is trying to reinvent the design of laptops

The biggest manufacturer in the PC market is dreaming of reinventing laptops and tablets by turning a prestigious finish into a part of the product

Microsoft Orders Department: Time for the comeback of Surface?

Have you missed? A Microsoft launch event next month is expected to give us new Windows devices

A laptop with a screen inside the touch pad - now also with Whiskey Lake

Asus continues to push forward one of the most refreshing features in the modern computer market with a new version of the prestigious Zenbook Pro

Whiskey instead of coffee: Meet the new processors from Intel

The Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake families are here officially to give a boost to the compact and exclusive laptops