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Maximus V Formula in Criticism - Rise of the Emperor

The turn of Asus
After covering motherboards Great And small, Such as Inspired by cars And such To the more moderate performance market. It's time to switch to the Asus ROG motherboard. It's been a long time since That I introduced one But this time it is time to introduce one of the most prominent and most talked to LGA1155 chassis, the elegant Maximus V Formula.
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Maximus V Formula - Characteristics
  • chassis: Intel LGA1155
  • Chipset: Intel Z77
  • Fix Size: ATX standard
  • Ports USB 2.0: Eight, four of them into the case
  • Ports USB 3.0: Six, four on the chip set and two on top Third party of ASMedia. Of which 2 per chassis
  • Ports SATA III: Six, four of which come from a third party chip ASMedia
  • Ports SATA II: two
  • Memories support: DDR3 Up to a speed of 2800 MHz, accelerated. Maximum volume of 32 gigabytes
Unique key features

The board comes with a system And heavy, designed to cool the voltage stabilizer system located around the processor. The system also has a Linor plug-in that can connect to the system the water.

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  1. A tinplate
    Advanced board etc etc - OK.
    Just what do electrolytic capacitors do? In the living, the immediate boards' of
    Gigabyte no longer has a memory, and here - a premium board with a weak link, which could take two years
    Redden the face of the board owner.

  2. Constructive response
    In recent years you have become a leading site, not only in the local hardware enthusiast market, but among all the Israeli content sites (and to see your cooperation with Ynet).

    In light of this, I think you should consider your growing status and invest in the quality of writing and editorial level.

    The level of experience provided to an amateur site is not suitable for a professional content site.

    Many paragraphs in this article are written and articulate, for example, "To the processor's rush on this motherboard, I approached quite indifferently."

    But mostly I was constantly interrupted by the use of different language currencies and phrases, wrongly so.

    Hope you are addressing this response at its proper weight.


  3. To XXNUM
    Good quality electrolytic capacitors last a long time and that being rigid does not mean there will be no glitches. Take, for example, endpoints from companies like Dell or IBM. These machines work nonstop and rarely find inflated cables or any sort of cable related problems.

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