Nepton 280L: Prepare oars - water cooling in HWzone Review

Nepton 280L: Prepare oars - water cooling in the control

In recent years, the market for closed-circuit watercourses has entered the mainstream. If at first the only companies that offered closed-circuit watercourses were Antec and-Corsair Today there are a large number of companies that offer closed-circuit water cooling solutions.
Until recently, all the watercourses in the market were produced by two manufacturers who were duopol - Cool IT and-Asetek But lately we have been seeing a growing number of water cisterns that are not produced by these two companies -Nepton Of the company CoolerMaster. The C-Nepton In contrast to previous water coolers, the company uses a pump designed by CoolerMaster itself.
Today I will survey The new water of CoolerMaster sample Nepton 280L. Similar to theH110 From home Corsair , God-Nepton 280L Contains a double radiator the size of 280 millimeters in a closed circuit.
How does overall cooling performance and how relative to-H110 ?
Answers below.
ID - CoolerMaster Nepton 280L
  • compatibility : All sketches fromLGA775 And ending in-LGA2011
  • compatibility AMD : All sketches fromAM2 And ending in-FM2
  • Dimensions Radiator: 311x139x30 Millimeters
  • Radiator Material: aluminum
  • Fan Support: 2 fans are the size of 140 millimeters or 120 millimeters
  • Fans are included: Two 140 millimeters in size 4Pin sample JetFlo 140
  • Rpm Fans: Between 800 and 2000 rotations per minute
  • Noise and air flow Fans: Between 21 and 39 decibels and between 54 and 122.5 CFM
  • Noise Pump: Below the 25 decibels
  • Life time Fans: 40,000 hours
  • Life Time Pump: 70,000 hours
  • Power Fans: 3.6 watts
  • Power Pump: 2.9 watts
  • Warranty duration: two years
  • Price: 110$ In the United States, is expected to cost about NIS 650 in Israel
Packaging and packaging
Cooling theNepton 280L Comes packaged in the same manner as the rest of the water chirps from within CoolerMaster. The packaging comes in black-purple colors with the image of the product and the characteristics that stand out from the front along with additional details from the back.
What's in the box?
  • Cooling theNepton 280L Which includes a block, a pump and a radiator
  • Two fans of CoolerMaster sample JetFlo 140 Connection 4Pin
  • A splitter for the4Pin
  • Docking kit for Intel processors
  • Docking kit for processors AMD
  • Assembly instruction manual
  • Disclaimer
  • Thermal syringe in a syringe
Cooling water - that's how it works
Cooling theNepton 280L Works in the same manner as the closed water cisterns on the market.
The cooling consists of a block, a pump, a water tank, a radiator and a fan.
The block - The block sits on the processor, passes through water and is made of copper at the point of contact. Its purpose is to transfer the processor heat to the water inside it.
The pump - The pump sits above the block and is responsible for the flow of water in the refrigerator, like the heart in the human body.
The containerAs its name, its function is to contain water that is not currently used and from which the pump draws water. The container is placed on the radiator.
The radiator - The radiator passes through the water to cool down. The radiator works in the same way as air coolers when the hot water in it warms the metal fins while a fan cools those fins and they in turn cool the water.
The fan- They pump air into the radiator fins and cool them

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  1. I really enjoyed the article, thank you
    Another point of credit for the product is that it is compatible with all types of residency from 775 or higher.
    Known that Q6600 is suffering from heating problems! And can bring this to a higher performance with a cooling system.
    I would love to see a water cooler comparison between a number of water coolers found in the country for sale.
    And thanks again for the article.

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