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Noctua launches new fans

Noctua Introduces two new fan series in new colors
Today announced Noctua The launch of two new fan series and a wide range of accessories kits. The first series is called Redux And it's actually remarketing some older models (NF-B9, NF-S12B, NF-P14 and-NF-R8) At a lower price and the home market. The second series marketed to the industrial market is called IndustrialPPC And it is based on theNF-F12 and the-NF-A14.
"Our new series will allow us to reach audiences we have never been able to reach in the past," explains Roland Musig, CEO Noctua, "About 3 / 4 from the price of our standard models,Redux It is ideal for all those looking for cheaper entry into the world of High quality quiet. The "IndustrialPPC Responds to the industrial customer request and is suitable to work under challenging conditions. However, I believe that even home users who are amateur High will see the industrial series as attractive. In addition, the introduction of new color schemes meets the repeated demands of fans Noctua. "

Aero fansIndustrialPPC Are designed to work at 2000 speeds up to 3000 RPM (twice the speed of the XNUMX)NF-F12), So they are not attractive to the home user who wants a quiet computer. Aero fansRedux Designed to work at 700 speeds up to 1700 rotations per minute.

In addition to the new fans, Noctua Will also launch a wide range of accessories kits for the two fan series. Evaluations include anti-vibration rubber, noise attenuation adapters, and extension cables.
Here are the recommended prices for the consumer:
  • Redux 140 mm: 19.90 dollars
  • Redux 120 mm: 17.90 dollars
  • Redux 92 mm: 15.90 dollars
  • Redux 80 mm: 14.90 dollars
  • IndustrialPPC IP52 140 mm: 29.90 dollars
  • IndustrialPPC IP67 140 mm: 34.90 dollars
  • IndustrialPPC IP52 120 mm: 26.90 dollars
  • IndustrialPPC IP67 120 mm: 34.90 dollars


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  1. Their insistence on conflicting colors has been a brilliant marketing tactic
    Though rather ugly
    And because of this, the fan has not entered
    This to the lian-li case with my window,

  2. We'll buy the 3000
    Once in the country, I always wanted something that, with the click of a button, could raise these speeds to inject some air into the chassis

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